Shiny Star

Midnight Rider

customized Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout

Color is always good, especially when it's black.

Black is never enough. Our customer has already bought a black Breakout, which is why we congratulated him. He struck in model year 2023, when Harley made the new Breakout the headliner of the range. And it deserved it. Increased from 114 to 117 cubic inches of displacement, i.e. a whopping 1923 cubic centimetres, it has been pushing 100 horses into the asphalt ever since, with a torque of over 160 Newton meters. So power was enough. But black?

We don’t just supply paint

A lot of additional parts not only had to be painted, but also powder-coated. Now we don’t just supply paint. After a type consultation with us, we usually deliver more. And more is also different with us.

It started at the back. We wouldn’t be Thunderbike if we hadn’t lowered it, the Breakout deserved it. Wheels and tires remained original, sometimes we have to admit that even standard products look cool.

However, we had to question the indicators on the standard fender. Not only because they are not black, they are simply clunky. Now look at our Strut-Stripe indicators, LED, 3 in 1. You don’t see them? Then we’ve done something right!

Our customer had already installed the Jekill and Hyde dampers. We would have done the same. But they were lined with nothing but shiny chrome parts. If you like it, you can leave it that way. But our customer wanted even more black. We supplied the powder coating for all components on the engine periphery. Incidentally, physicists confirm that black has the best thermal properties when it comes to dissipating engine heat. You can take that with you as a side effect.

The Breakout is of course lowered at the rear

If you can’t see the strut stripe indicators, then we’ve done everything right

We supplied the powder coating of all components on the motor periphery

Raise your eyes to the handlebars!

Our pre-mounted models then touch on more aesthetic issues. Footrests, shift and brake pegs, with a satin finish in a contrasting bicolor. We have also adapted the handlebar grips accordingly. So raise your eyes and admire our handlebars!

The handlebar is our new model called Atlas, which is available in two heights. We have recommended the higher 35-centimeter version. Doesn’t this world-bearing Atlas with its four and a half centimeter thick arms crown all the power and glory of a 117 Milwaukee-Eight engine?

For those who want to know exactly: the handlebars are not bent from an old tube, but welded together from several milled segments. This had to be done, if only to have the single-oil handlebar ends again so that the standard fittings would fit on them. The Atlas is also prepared for the internal routing of cables and hydraulic lines. Yes, even the clutch is now operated hydraulically again, as a Bowden cable could not follow the sharp bends in the lines. Our well-hidden stripe indicators also keep the line clean.

The handlebars naturally need their own riser adapted to them. It must not look like it has been bolted on. That’s what we mean by clean!

The headlamp cap and the Crossfire bug spoiler round off the front view. The GRP front fender is tailor-made for the Breakout.

Fork in a sturdy robe

And now please take a look at our fork covers. The customer wanted black, we delivered without having to elaborately process the standard fork. The Thunderbike fork covers aren’t just tinny covers. Rather, their chunkiness expresses the power and force of the 117cc engine at the front as well.

Black is never enough, and black alone is not enough anyway. The color also has to be cast in shapes that match the owner’s program and the character of the bike.

Only then is the Midnight Rider ready to ride out, and not just in the darkest hour of the night…


  • Thunderbike Forward Control Kit black
  • Thunderbike Mounting Kit Forward Controls
  • Thunderbike Footpeg Set Base Satin Design
  • Thunderbike Shiftpeg & Brakepeg Satin
  • Thunderbike Toppers Base
  • Thunderbike Passenger Footpegs Satin Design
  • Thunderbike Strut Stripe LED 3in1 Turn Signals & Tail Light black
  • Thunderbike Turn Signal Load Equalizer
  • Thunderbike Turn Signal Load Equalizer 3in1 rear
  • Thunderbike Turn Signals Stripe LED with Housing
  • Thunderbike Grips Base Satin black cut
  • Thunderbike Headlamp Cap black
  • Thunderbike Chin Fairing Crossfire
  • Thunderbike Hydraulic clutch Conversion Kit black
  • Thunderbike Frontfender Breakout 21''/23''
  • Thunderbike Lower Fork Covers black
  • Thunderbike Upper Fork Cover black
  • Thunderbike Fork end caps upper, black

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Michael Ahlsdorf

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