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The language only Harley-Davidson spoke

There are many languages that translate the Harley feeling into the new millennium. Springer is one language that everyone understands!

When Harley-Davidson put a Springer fork on the Softail in the 1980s, everything was suddenly just right: a star-frame look at the rear, vibrant technology at the front, and all of it would have qualified as “old school” if it had existed at the time. The message was understood, the Softail Springer simply showed a classic line that no one else was showing. It was the language of Harley-Davidson that only Harley-Davidson spoke, but that even the youngest child could understand.

Of course, we have had a Springer fork in our lineup for a long time. It’s even called the Radical, but it also has relatively classic contours and could easily pass for old school. With our Radical 2.0, we’ve freshened things up a bit, giving the anorexic lines of a classic Springer a little boost and translating everything into a cleaner, more technical look.


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Radical 2.0 with Air-Ride

And the look lives up to its promise, because our Radical 2.0 comes with Air-Ride. “Radical” is the key word for our Radical Rider, as our Stefan Hutmacher explains in Thundertalk, because everything about it is high-tech. Take a look at the radial arrangement of the brake anchor and caliper. This is a rather unusual principle for a Springer fork, coming as it does from racing, but we didn’t want to compromise, to use the language of the new millennium.

The Blade Runner handlebar follows the same melody. Tailor-made for the Radical 2.0, its arms are bolted directly to the solidly milled fork bridge, without risers. We took the opportunity to change the clutch to a hydraulic one, so that the cable can follow the line of the handlebars better. Illuminated buttons by Rebuffini complete the picture and add some color to the black. We finish it off with satin grips and hidden turn signals.

Our stretch tank gives you a little more range for fun. At 15 liters, it holds a quart and a half more than the original Street Bob tank. So it’s not just hot air in its extension.

The language of time

A lamp housing machined from a solid piece of metal is not really necessary. A headlight will shine just as reliably in a sheet metal housing. But with our Unbreakable billet aluminum headlight in a two-tone design, the biker of the new millennium not only understands the language of the times, he speaks it.

And when the completely legal Shorty Slashcut mufflers from Jekill & Hyde drown everything out, he can read all the data on the original Harley speedometer. It fits perfectly on the Radical 2.0’s triple tree. We don’t have the problem of aftermarket speedometers that only display part of the available data.

Our custom aluminum fuel tank holds 15 liters, which is a liter and a half more than the original fuel tank

The Blade Runner handlebars are mounted without risers. The original speedometer guarantees a complete reading of all data

Brake anchor and caliper are radially bolted. This comes from racing, but does not hurt a high quality custom Harley

Air-Ride at the front and rear

The air is in the right place in the rear Air-Ride. Yes, with the push of a button, the bike can be lowered front and rear on its Velocity rims from RevTech. Instead of the standard 19 and 16 inch rims, they now offer 21 and 18 inch rims. This is our typical Thunderbike line as we have long since arrived in the new millennium.

The Shorty rear fender completes the line. When lowered, it sits close to the ground, is made of GRP and is held in place by metal struts. This makes sense, as it makes the Radical Rider suitable for passenger use. Until then, the transition from the saddle to the fender is just right, as the seat shell of the saddle is also from the Shorty line. The boots rest on our drilled footrests in the position of the standard Harley forward controls. If needed, we could move them another 8 centimeters forward.

The side license plate holder comes from us, as do many of the covers and panels. And the Grand Classic Power Filter in combination with the Jekill and Hyde system and its V-Strike headers is not only radical, but also completely legal.

The Shorty fender is made of GRP. The metal struts make it suitable for passenger use. The drilled footrests come from us. We also recommend satin shifters

Swing into the saddle!

We’ve said it before: new millennium. But in a language inherited from the last century. A huge legacy that has to be acquired to be owned. Get in our saddle and you will own it!

Parts & Details

  • Thunderbike Front End Radical 2.0
  • Thunderbike Caliper Bracket PM-Radial 340mm SF
  • Thunderbike Brake Caliper Radical 2.0 left black
  • Thunderbike Handlebar Blade Runner steel, raw
  • Thunderbike Speedo Riser Kit black
  • Thunderbike Headlight Unbreakable
  • Thunderbike Turn Signals Stripe LED with housing
  • Thunderbike Phantom E Grips
  • Thunderbike Hydraulic clutch Conversion Kit black
  • Highsider mirror Montana, black
  • Thunderbike Air Ride Suspension Kit
  • Thunderbike Custom Alu Tank (15 ltr., stretched)
  • Thunderbike Seat Plate
  • Thunderbike Rider Footpegs Drilled Design
  • Thunderbike Shiftpeg Alu Design
  • Thunderbike Powerfilter-Kit Grand Classic
  • Thunderbike Front Fender Radical 2.0 GRP
  • Thunderbike Rear Fender Shorty 180mm
  • Thunderbike Side Mount Licence Plate Bracket medium
  • Thunderbike License Plate Frame Inside Plate
  • Thunderbike License Plate Lighting
  • Thunderbike Reflector Inside Plate
  • Thunderbike Toppers Base
  • Thunderbike Derby Cover New Custom
  • Thunderbike Timer Cover New Custom
  • Thunderbike Rear Axle Cover Set
  • Thunderbike Axle Cover Swingarm left
  • Thunderbike Axle Cover Swingarm right
  • RevTech Velocity Midnight Wheel
  • Galfer Brake Disc Floated Wave rear black

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