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customized Thunderbike Dragster RS Frame

Typical Milwaukee Orange

Introducing RS-O Racing Series! This beautiful bike was created based on our “Dragster RS” frame kit matching “RS” fork and swingarm. Except for 103 screaming egals engine and transmission, which of course may not be missing in such a projectile, all other parts are from our house. The machine rolls on the Thunderbike “Vegas Cut” wheels. In addition, we have her our footpeg Base-Hole, plus the matching grips and of course the “RS” Topper series. The Milwaukee-typical orange paint has been combined with a classic flag check and shows that the bike feels at home on every dragstrip. The position of the footpegs, of course, we have a compromise between Dragster typical relocation and cruiser-style forwarding received, because the bike is largely moved on the road. The radical lowering also had to be done using the Thunderbike Air-Ride suspension system to ensure good driveability, even off the smooth race tracks.

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100% Thunderbike

Text by Erwin Riegel - Biker's Power

We have known since the AMD European Championship 2006 at the latest that fantastic bike creations are created on the Lower Rhine at Thunderbike in Hamminkeln, where Andreas Bergerforth and his team won the European Custom Bike Building Championships for the first time with the Spectacular. From then on, it was all happening in quick succession and the bike projects from the Lower Rhine region could no longer be ignored in the trade press. In 2008 the second big shot was made and the men and Andreas Bergerforth won the title of European Champion in Custom Bike Building for the second time with the Open Mind.

The Spectacular as well as the Open Mind are showbikes, but everything that leaves the workshop in Hamminkeln is absolutely rideable. Beside these spectacular show bikes there are of course a lot of modifications, from soft to hard. Thunderbike is not only an official Harley-Davidson dealer, but also a customizer and produces most of its parts in-house. This not only benefits the company’s own superstructures and conversions, the parts can be ordered by anyone via the CustomBook for Harley-Davidson catalogue. This makes Thunderbike one of the few “real” bike builders who build their own bikes from the frame.

So is the RS-O, a complete construction based on the RS Racing Series, a further development of the own Dragster frame. The goal was to achieve a sporty, flat but powerful line. This was achieved by large-diameter frame tubes that provide more stability, curved 45mm downtubes, 70mm steering head with internal steering head stop and newly formed side parts. The result is impressive and the crouched, powerful shape of the Drag Styler almost jumps at you. A fighting machine like this requires the right heart to be implanted and a 103 CUI Screamin’ Eagle engine has been transplanted into the frame. Equipped with the original HD injection electronics, the steam hammer complies with current exhaust emission standards.

That’s it with the foreign parts, because the rest of the bike consists only of original Thunderbike parts, except for the drive. Everything designed, milled, turned, welded, tinned etc. in house. The front is adorned with a TB-RS Upside Down fork, with a 4 degree rake, which gives the bike a compact, strong face. Handlebars, grips and the front fender are also from Thunderbike. In the front a 130 Metzeler turns on a TB Vegas Cut rim with the dimensions 4.5×18″. The brute force propulsion is braked at the front with an ABM radial brake caliper and a TB-Spoke 300mm brake disc. Fuel tank and rear fender were manufactured by Thunderbike, as were the TB RS footrests. The powerful rear is dampened by a Tricky Air Ride and the TB RS Singleside single-sided swingarm hangs the 10×18″ TB Vegas Cut rim on which a 280 Metzeler spins. The rear brakes are applied with a Nissan 6-piston perimeter pliers on a perimeter wave braking disc.

The idea for the lacquer dress was hatched by Andreas and the old master in the air brush swinging Ingo Kruse. Classic black/ orange with racing caros in matt tones give the Dragstyler an additional absolute racing look. Master Kruse had masterfully implemented the ideas again.

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