Grand Nicholas 2019

Motor Bike Expo 2020

16.-19. January, Verona / Italy

Ciao, Verona!

There’s always a first time and so this year we’re going to visit the Motor Bike Expo in Verona for the first time. The Motor Bike Expo or MBE is one of the most prestigious fairs for Custombikes in Europe.

The Custom Show in Verona is known as one of the motorcycle fairs with strange visitors and the most extreme custombikes. We are looking forward to the crème de la crème of the custom bike scene! But we will not come empty-handed.

On the one hand we bring our elegant Shovelhead “Glamor” with us, which has already won international prizes in the past years and hopefully it will win the hearts of the Italians. On the other hand we celebrate with the team of Custom Chrome Europe the premiere of the 50 years Anniversary Bike which was realized by our team on behalf of CCE! Andreas and Kim will support the presentation on site.

This year Kim and Andreas will be part of the jury to choose the “King of Verona” of the bikeshow. Every year for the MBE Award 10 top bikes are selected at the show and judged by 4 well-known customizers. We are already curious who can claim the title “King of Verona” for himself!

We are very excited about the upcoming time and you can be curious about our detailed reports from our MBE trip.


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