Harley-Davidson at Nürburgring

Team Harley-Davidson at the German Endurance Cup 2024

In the frenzy of speed

This fast-paced sport gets the adrenaline flowing. The thrill is enormous when man and machine merge into a single unit and conjure up the perfect lap on the asphalt. The old warhorses of the Thunderbike team know this too. After all, motorsport was no longer just a hobby for many of the guys.

So it’s all the more exciting that Harley-Davidson is involved this year. We not only sponsored parts for the breathtaking “Lap Record” and “Plan B” project bikes based on the H-D Sportster S and Pan America 1250 models, but also lent a hand ourselves.


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The Harley-Davidson Racing Team at the Nürburgring

3D product designer and construction professional Andre helps wherever he can.

Sportster S in the fast lane

Rider Chris Pietsch with the Pan America

As part of the conversion, both machines were fitted with 17-inch wheels, 3.5x 17 at the front and 6.0x 17 at the rear. The conversion included the installation of Alpha Technik and Yamaha R1M. The reason for the conversion: The conversion to 17-inch wheels enables a wider choice of tires, especially slicks, which are especially suitable for racing. This increases the performance and competitiveness of the machine on the race track.

Extensive adaptation work was required for both projects in order to install the new wheels safely and efficiently.

  • Adjusting the wheel mount
  • Centering in the swing arm
  • Production of spacers to position the wheels correctly
  • Adjusting the brake disk mount
  • Checking the chain sprocket mount

Two other racing machines will also be at the start..

In addition, two other racing bikes “Lil Baggy” and “From Road to Race” based on the Road Glide ST will be competing in the German Endurance Cup. The extreme demands on riders and teams can be seen in this spectacular video. Welcome to the exciting world of motorsport. Enthusiastic? Then pick up the motorcycle magazine MO 8/24 from July 18, which will report on it in detail.

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