Construction & Design

Prototype Development

Surveying and Digitization

Before the actual product development is the acquisition of the existing basis on or on which our parts are built. For very complex parts that are not easy to measure, e.g. Measure frame or motor digitally. From countless measuring points, point clouds are created, from which three-dimensional forms are created in an elaborate process of calculation. This is the perfect starting point for our product development.

CAD Product Development

Every part that we manufacture goes through a development process from the idea to the finished product. In order to be able to visualize an idea, cardboard stencils, wood or plastic blocks used to be models in the past. Today, however, much of the development and construction work is done on the computer.

Even at the design stage, you can view newly developed parts directly on the virtual bike in three dimensions. Design, proportion and function become so clear that you can pretty much imagine how it will look real afterwards. This greatly facilitates the work, especially in complex assemblies, where many parts interlock.

We use current CAD programs from Solidworks. Thus, all work in the construction can be handled. Here we can construct individual components (e.g., a footbrake lever), place them in an assembly (e.g., rearset), and simulate the function. This assembly can then in turn be virtually fixed to the vehicle to also check there function and design simultaneously on the bike. This type of construction is ideally suited for vehicle construction. It gives us the flexibility to quickly make changes without violating existing constraints. In this way, new parts are constantly being created, the individual parts of which can be realized as laser cutting, turning or milling products with state-of-the-art machines.

CAD / CAM Programming

Once a product has been finished in CAD, another process takes place for the actual production of the parts. Based on the CAD data, we create machine-readable CAM files taking into account the material, blank blank, machining tool and processing machine. We also use Solidworks with its current CAM version.

Tool Making and Simultaneous Milling

At this point theory and practice meet. Here is a lot of experience needed. How is the part held during machining so that the machine or tool comes to each point to be machined? Approximately for each component, a clamping tool is first developed, which is usually no less expensive than the part itself to be produced. Once this part has been completed, a machining simulation takes place. At the computer, the part is now manufactured simultaneously to detect any possible errors during processing and exclude.

All parts, which are developed and manufactured here, you can of course buy as Bolt-On Parts fully TÜV-compliant in our online shop!


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