Thunderbike Special Parts

Do you like it very special?

Handlebar, tank, air filter, seat, … sometimes you need a special component and you have to reach for the welding machine, the grinder and the thick Mottek. May because the production of the part in larger quantities is not worthwhile, for some reason not feasible, because the part is no longer available or simply because you want it to be special!

Not everything comes out of our CNC machines in large quantities. Some parts, after we have calculated the dimensions and tried them out, we first build it digitally on the PC and then have the machines build them in small quantities. Sometimes we also have a model made first in our 3-D printer to see how it might turn out.

In very special cases, we also build one-off pieces on our workbenches, mostly for our own show bikes, such as for our 35th anniversary.

Please notice: If you are interested in a custom build, please use the contact form below and briefly describe to us which bike and which part you are looking for. Some special parts are unfortunately not reproducible by us and we recommend to go to the local craftsman. We will check your request!

So you see, the production of special parts can be crazy expensive.

With about 2500 Thunderbike Parts and about 100.000 articles of our selected suppliers you might already find what you are looking for. Our sales consultants are there for you by email and phone (+49 2852 67770).


You can find Thunderbike Parts and original Harley-Davidson Parts  in our online shop.

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