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The custom bike has been the generic term for a custom-made motorbike for many decades. There is no clear rule as to when a conversion can be called a custom bike, but in our gallery you can get a small impression of the scope of such projects. For us, the topic of vehicle conversions already started in the founding years, as numerous modifications were made to production vehicles for motorsport. Chopper & cruiser conversions started around the turn of the millennium, followed by self-developed frames and European and world championship titles. Today, apart from a few personal bikes, we deal almost exclusively with Harley-Davidson custom bikes of all styles. So how do you get a custom bike? We recommend taking a look at the gallery, because in addition to the vehicle used, the important accessories (custom parts) are always stored here. Whether the bike is to be assembled in your own garage, at our premises or at one of our almost 500 Thunderbike dealers worldwide remains as open as the look of the future custom bike.

The path to a custom bike begins, of course, with the selection of a suitable base – new or used. Harley-Davidson offers some choice with its numerous Softail, but also the new Sportster (RH) models. Used Harley-Davidson models such as Dyna, Sportster XL or older are of course also good alternatives, which may even already have conversions in the planned style. A test ride with the production vehicle can provide revealing information here if the finished custom bike is to be based on a similar geometry.

Once the model has been found, it’s on to the desired look. Of course, the conversion does not necessarily have to be done in one step, but certain dependencies do arise. For example, a new rear fender often no longer offers space for mounting the number plate, which makes a side bracket obligatory. A new seat is also obligatory for most custom fenders, but here you already have to consider whether the fuel tank should remain in the long term, because the length of the seat may depend on this. Friends of bobber conversions have it a little easier, because here a gap can remain between the swinging saddle and the tank. This is usually followed by lowering, which completes the classic rear conversion.

Exhaust conversions are similarly popular as an introduction to customising. Modern flap systems such as those from Jekill & Hyde are particularly popular, as legal operation and good sound are not mutually exclusive. Slip-on rear silencers, which are simply fitted to the standard manifolds, are somewhat cheaper. As with the complete exhaust systems, there is a huge selection here, from approved EG-ABE systems to racing versions. The same applies to matching air cleaners.

Since you also want to sit comfortably on a custom bike, we come to the seating position. This is of course determined by the seat itself, the handlebars and also the position of the foot controls. Here, too, a test ride on the vehicle is the best way to find out. If there is the possibility of a test ride with a comparable configuration, then go for it!

The subject of wheel conversions is somewhat more complex, because you usually leave the standard dimensions. The change to our popular 9×21″ rear wheels, for example, requires its own fender, so this should already be taken into account in the rear conversion mentioned above. If the rear brake system is to move to the drive side for a clean look, this should also be taken into account at the planning stage. The situation is similar with large front wheels, where a new triple tree is sometimes unavoidable next to the front fender. The wish for a single-sided swingarm must also be considered before buying the bikes, because a later conversion would be extremely uneconomical. We recommend that you seek advice from our customer service or your local Thunderbike dealer, who should implement this project for you.

Thunderbike Custom Parts

With over 5,000 items from the original machine to the custom bike

Our products are available for Harley-Davidson, but also for many Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Triumph and Custom Frames choppers and cruisers. Our assortment reaches from the simple cover to the complete conversion including frame kit, swingarms and wheelsets. Whether the parts are TÜV compliant, you see the small icon next to the item images. In the main category Thunderbike also vehicle models are deposited, to which one can obstruct our articles without much adjustments. If you have questions about one of the parts, we are happy to help you!

Many of our parts can be ordered as Bolt-On Parts in the Online Shop!

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