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The whole look changes

By fitting new footpegs and grips, the overall look of a bike can often be greatly influenced. In addition, the seating position can be individually optimized by means of new notches. In our product range you will find a variety that leaves nothing to be desired. Alone with the pegs, the different models and designs result in more than 100 variations, which are manufactured by Thunderbike. Each individual system also exists, depending on the particular model and design, from well over 100 parts! If you decide on a design for footpegs and grips, you can extend this design perfectly in combination with our toppers. If you have any questions about one of the products mentioned, our contact persons will be happy to help you!

Matching the assembly instructions in paper form, we now offer you the opportunity workshop & assembly to get an insight. In our montage short films it is all about the essentials to present the cultivation of various parts as simple and concise as possible.


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You can see a selection of our designs here. Not the right one for your model? Of course there are grips and pegs for almost every model in the Grips & Pegs category in our online shop. Find the right Toppers at the end of this site.

Mounting Examples

Blue RockZ                                                       Red Shooter


A kit that resembles a puzzle in which the slightest assembly error can have devastating consequences. That’s why our catches are delivered pre-assembled. You choose the base with the desired surface and then the design. A little later, a package flies into the house, in which exactly these two assemblies are ready pre-assembled. The same applies to the pillion pegs and handle sets, which are tailored to the design. We have accompanied the pre-assembly of a detent system with the camera to make the enormous effort behind it clear.

The complete selection of footpeg sets, pillion pegs, shifter pegs, footpegs and accessories made by Thunderbike can be found in the categories in the online shop.


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For every potty there is the matching lid!

This old phrase can also be applied to our Toppers, which we have launched in numerous designs. The chic little covers fit on our base grips as well as on our footpegs.

Mounting Examples

NightClub                                                       Harmony

Any Questions?


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Customparts, Dealer Support

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Roman Reiners

Customparts, Dealer Support

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Steffen Eckhardt

Product Management

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