SEASIDE’s Bikers Season Opening Party

The Boss Hoss Adventure #4


Open House & Aftershow Party

We start the season!

Traditionally we start our open house season with our Kick-Off Party.

On Saturday, April 04th, numerous Thunderbike and Harley-Davidson Custom News will be waiting for you during the day, directly from our forge, where you can of course also be right there with the production.

The Thunderbike doors will be open for you from 10.00 a.m. and offer a unique look behind the scenes of the production and the workshops. Of course the showroom and the fashion boutique have the latest trends for the coming season ready for you. Our Roadhouse Team will provide you with enough food & drinks.

In the evening the guys of the F.U.C.K Band rock the Roadhouse live with metal cover hits from Metallica to Crossover from Rage against the Machine.

We look forward to the coming season with you!

Past Events

Kick-Off 2018

With our Kick Off Party in April, we traditionally started the new Open House season. On Saturday the 14th of April thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts reached us.

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Kick-Off 2017

With a record attendance we started the new season with our open house event on Saturday, April 08, 2017.

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Kick-Off 2016

Despite mixed weather forecasts, the big rain did not happen and many bikers found their way on two wheels to the Thunderbike Open House season start.

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Kick-Off 2015

On Saturday, 11.04.15, we delivered the official starting signal with thousands of visitors to the Thunderbike Kick-Off Festival. Up to the production halls we opened the doors to all visitors.

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Kick-Off 2014

Actually, the season has not really stopped, but the official starting signal we delivered on Saturday with thousands of visitors at the Kick-Off Festival 2014.

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Kick-Off 2013

Watch all Impressions for the season start 2013 here!

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Kick-Off 2012

To our big open house on 14.4. We had not just invited to the season opening: 250 people have followed the call in the evening to the aftershow party.

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Kick-Off 2010

The start of the season 2010 - Click here for the gallery!

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