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The agony of choice

Just how complex the topic of handlebars is is illustrated by the variety of the different variations. To list all handlebars here would probably go beyond the scope of this report. While some of them reach up and sit low, clinging to an ape, others prefer the opposite and assemble two stubs below the triple tree. Classic and vintage friends will probably prefer a beach bar, for the vintage look we offer our brand new “Hollywood handlebar” and a classic West Coast Cruiser is often equipped with a Z-handlebar.

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If you are looking for the perfect lengths of your brake- or clutch lines/cables for original H-D handlebars, take a look at this PDF file and enter the referenced article numbers into the search function of our Thunderbike Shop.

In addition to the form and function, handlebars also differ in the way they are mounted. For example, there are the clip-on handlebars, which are mounted under the fork bridge, for example, handlebars that are bolted directly to the fork bridge and, in turn, handlebars that are clamped in additional risers. For Spring forks long risers are needed and on an ordinary bridge shorter ones can be screwed. At least now you should have noticed that this topic requires a competent advice and a capable mechanic.

At this point it should not go unmentioned that the authorization ability should also play a significant role in the choice of the right handlebars. Of course, all Thunderbike handlebars have the coveted stamp.
The handlebar does not only have to fit the bike, but also the driver. Forward controls on a highneck and sweeping bar ends below the fork bridge can quickly become a challenge for smaller bikers, especially on tight bends. Although Apes may be hip and cool, it not only changes the steering behavior but also allows the rider to sit in the wind with maximum body area. An extremely narrow Z-handlebar looks just as chic, but has only a small lever, which is very hard to get used to when steering. And even an extremely wide pole in turn means that it comes with any unevenness, or gust of wind quickly to unwanted steering angles.

The change and thus each “for” and “against” should therefore be well considered. An expert consultation makes much easier and is free of charge with us. The installation should be done anyway by a qualified workshop, because often the change goes far beyond the exchange of the pipe.


The Thunderbike Hollywood Steel Handlebar is perfect for Old School Bikes & Bobbers.

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Hollywood Light

The Hollywood Light handlebar is perfect for Bobber conversions and has a grommet for a very clean look.

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Flip II

The Thunderbike Flip II handlebar has a cable gland and is in contrast to the regular flip universally mountable on risers.

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Clip On Set Grand Prix

Original Thunderbike clip-on handlebar for all 49mm forks.

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Universal fitment.

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El Toxico

The El Toxico Ape Omega design learning notch is 1-1/4" thick and fits all HD models with and without electronic throttle.

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El Dorado

The handlebar specially designed for our Chicano bikes has a width of 95cm.

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The triple question

How does it work, what works and what should be considered?

As already indicated, the exchange of the handlebar is often more complicated than expected. If the dimensions (height and width) of the new bar deviate from the original one, it is usually necessary to replace cables, bleed the brakes and extend the cable. Once you’re there, it’s not uncommon to have the optics cleared as well. Internal cable routing is the magic word, for cables that are hidden well hidden in the handlebar. Even brake and clutch lines can be banished from the field of view in this way. As a rule, depending on the selected handlebar type, it is possible to bring the cables out in the middle of the handlebars again. Often, however, handlebars provide up to three openings to guide the cables out of the pipe. Using the two exteriors, the cables can be routed into specially prepared risers, so that they only emerge again under the fork bridge.

Risers, which are prepared for internal cable routing, you will find in our catalog program more than ample. And once you’re there, you can also mount a few new handle fittings, so that the entire look is right and the biker’s heart has his joy. Incidentally, our faucets are designed so that the original switch housings can be adopted by Harley.

Everything about handlebars such as risers, brake and clutch cylinders, trains, shafts and brake lines can be found in our online shop category handlebars & accessories.

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