Harley-Davidson Extended Warranty™

Longer driving pleasure with guarantee.

Harley-Davidson Warranty Services offers both a warranty following the manufacturer’s warranty for new vehicles and a warranty for used motorcycles. Both are full warranties and cover all essential parts of the motorcycle with the exception of wearing parts and parts from other manufacturers.

The warranty is available for one or two years for used motorcycles and is available at the time of purchase of the motorcycle. The condition is that the motorcycle is purchased from a Harley-Davidson dealer and is not more than ten years old at the time of purchase and does not exceed 80,000 km in mileage.



Warranty – Valid throughout Europe

Is there a nicer way to “experience” Europe as it is growing together than by motorbike? With the HARLEY | EXTENDED WARRANTY™ you can travel especially carefree, because it is valid all over Europe and transferable in case of a change of owner.

Warranty – Without hooks and eyelets

Damage can easily be repaired at a Harley-Davidson dealer. The warranty provides a fair, valuable refund. The invoice is settled directly between the CarGarantie and the garage, so you don’t have to pay in advance.

Guarantee – without bureaucracy

HARLEY | EXTENDED WARRANTY™ is a service of CG Car-Garantie Versicherungs-AG, one of the leading and most experienced warranty specialists in Europe. The Harley-Davidson dealer is happy to provide information and, together with the experts from Car-Garantie, will ensure fast and uncomplicated processing in the event of a warranty claim. CarGarantie helps quickly and unbureaucratically around the clock – 365 days a year.

New – Up to 5 years warranty

The HARLEY | LONG TIME WARRANTY™ is an additional product to the HARLEY | EXTENDED WARRANTY™ with an even longer running time – up to 5 years safety from unexpected repair costs. Important parts of the warranty, such as the scope of cover, reimbursement and validity throughout Europe, correspond to the HARLEY | EXTENDED WARRANTY™.

Warranty for used motorcycles**

Safety when buying a motorcycle. 

The fascination of motorcycling is not with a few words to explain: Speed, driving skill, cornering, rapid leaning, feeling of freedom and modern technology stand for the ultimate riding experience. All used motorcycles have been thoroughly inspected by a specialist dealer and are in perfect condition so that you can enjoy them untroubled. Nevertheless, damage can never be completely ruled out. This is why we offer optimum safety with the HARLEY | EXTENDED WARRANTY™, which provides comprehensive protection against unexpected repair costs.**

Warranty practically as good as for new motorcycles.

The HARLEY | EXTENDED WARRANTY™ is valid for at least 12 months for almost all components (with the exception of typical wearing parts such as brake pads, tyres, bulbs***) and naturally also applies to repeated damage occurring during the warranty period. The warranty can be extended by a further 12 months if desired.***

The New Motorcycle Connection Guarantee**

Drive worry-free.

A new motorcycle is a much cherished dream. When the dream finally becomes reality, the purchase and financing of the motorcycle should be well considered and planned. Because afterwards you want to be spared expensive repair costs as long as possible. There are two years of manufacturing guarantee good. But with the time smaller and larger damages cannot be excluded even at the best machines. With a HARLEY | EXTENDED WARRANTY™ one drives after expiration of the Neumotorradgarantie up to three further years longer protected from unexpected repair costs.** So one is safe from expensive surprises and can spend the money on beautiful things.**

Warranty extension.

But that’s not all! Shortly before the HARLEY | EXTENDED WARRANTY™ expires, it can be extended by 12 months at a time.***

We offer the following services:

  • Comprehensive repair cost protection
  • Securing liquidity in the event of repairs
  • Valid throughout Europe
  • High planning reliability
  • Preservation of the value of the motorcycle

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*Harley-Davidson Warranty Services is an offer of CG Car-Garantie Versicherungs-AG.

**According to more detailed conditions of CG Car-Garantie Versicherungs-AG.

***Your dealer will be happy to provide you with detailed information.


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