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Some motorcycle enthusiasts can not be tempted with modern high-tech features and state-of-the-art comfort. The appeal of the past invites many to become vintage enthusiasts and share their lifestyle. But what does a vintage motorcycle do? Just like automobiles, the definition of what makes a vintage motorcycle varies, but this definition is not carved in stone, as is the case with the four-wheelers.

The term vintage motorcycle comes from the Historic Racing Motorcycle Association, which has given various designations by types of a race. So motorcycles that are older than the year of construction 1975 are referred to as vintage bikes – this includes all H-D engines that have already been produced in ’75. The technology and the lifestyle also inspire our smiths. The pure technology allows the passion for bike building all the more and leaves plenty of free space for creative customization. See for yourself! In this category you will find numerous projects and conversion examples from our workshop.

Do you have questions about one of the shown conversions? Just write an e-mail to info@thunderbike.de or call Thomas Emky from our custom bike sales department (+49 (0) 2852 6777 56). Of course, the custom parts and vintage accessories used are also available in our online shop!

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