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Customer Information

A. General legal information requirements for consumers

With regard to the details of how a contract with Thunderbike is concluded and the legal information obligations, please refer to § 2 of our General Terms and Conditions (GTC) Part A. as well as Part B. Customer Information. Thunderbike also stores the text of the treaty so far and so long as it is necessary for contract execution. This can be viewed by prior notice at the offices of Thunderbike.

In the event that you prescribe in the order process, eg indicate an incorrect amount, note § 2 Paragraph 5 of the Conditions. Basically, the contract in German or English language to be closed. To do this over the flag icon on the homepage each release.

B. Waste oil withdrawal

The receipt of waste oil is possible with us in the quantity purchased from the office in Hamminkeln, Germany. The buyer is committed to environmentally sound disposal of waste oil and the empty container to take care. A possible return shipment of the waste oil must be carried out as dangerous, stating the invoice number of purchase.

C. Battery Recycling

As a consumer you are legally obliged to return or proper disposal of used batteries required. Disposal with household waste is prohibited under battery regulation. The knowledge gained through our batteries can be returned free of charge for us to use. In addition, you can dispose of batteries in an environmentally friendly use free of charge at collection points in stores or community collection.

Batteries containing harmful substances are one of the following symbols of the provided for classification as a pollutant giving heavy metals and are toxic Cd = cadmium, Hg = mercury, Li = lithium, Li-ion = Lithium Ion, MH = metal, Ni = nickel, PB = lead, Zi = zinc

D. Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Manufacturers have since the 13th August 2005 to take back free of charge in the circulation, old electrical appliances. Manufacturers have their electrical and electronic equipment after 23 November 2005 will be circulated with the symbol – crossed out wheeled bin mark. As a dealer we are required by law, you hereby inform you that such waste is not disposed of as unsorted municipal waste, but should be collected separately and disposed of through the local collection and return systems.

Under the Act of March 23, 2005 electro, we sell from 25 November 2005, only electrical and electronic equipment from manufacturers who have registered with the competent authority and in accordance with an insolvency-proof guarantee for financing the collection and disposal can prove their electrical appliances.


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