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A clear view of the rear!

A clear view of the rear of the bike is unfortunately often prevented by a license plate. Remedy our side mount license plate holder, which we offer in show and TÜV versions. At the latest with a complete rear conversion to a custom fender this conversion becomes obligatory. It gets even better in combination with our inside plate, which completely frames the license plate, so that unsightly holes are no longer needed. In addition, the wiring of license plate light or tail light can be easily put through finished milling in the inside plate.

License plate holder for many models & Inside Plates in all conceivable sizes can be found in our online shop.

License Plate Holder / License Plate Frame Inside Plate

Small signs for big bikes

“Think big” is an old phrase, which finds confirmation in the Harley and Custombike area. If it can not be fat enough in this motley scene, we are always annoyed by the usual license plate sizes in Germany. These oversized pizzabooks often spoil the entire look of a bike. In fact, this license plate insanity since 2011 already belongs to the past.

With a happy short letter and number combination would be theoretically characteristics of a license 110 mm wide and 200 mm height. However, the legislature has decided on the binding width of 18×20 cm, for which we have adjusted our inside plates and stainless steel plates. If it should be even smaller, the license plate for show purposes can be further shortened and stuck in a 16×20 cm Inside Plate, which is in comparison to the previously 280mm wide license plate an enormous leap. So that all information can be accommodated, the so-called “miniature center font”, which many motorcyclists already know from light motorcycles or tractors, is used. The 49 mm high typeface had already received the green light from the police before it was introduced and only had to be approved by various authorities and agencies. Manfred von der Heyden, chairman of the Bundesverband der Autoschilderfirmen and vehicle service provider e.V., was, however, from the beginning confident that the first small plates could already be issued in summer after the proposal was announced.

Of course you can pimp these tiny things with your spit on your rear. Apart from the fact that we have legitimate doubts about the durable durability, we offer naturally also for the small sizes much more elegant solutions. Aluminum machined license plate base plates, or even our tricky inside plates, where the shield can be easily inserted, can be found in our brand new catalog in different sizes and finishes.

License Plate Frame Inside Plate

License Plate Holder Stainless Steel

License Plate Holder Aluminium

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