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Customize your Frontend!

As is often the case with custom bikes, the many little things and details that only make a harmonious whole. Accents that attract attention only at the second or third glance and then only the trained eye. These subtleties are the subject of the following article and to bring you closer to the effort behind the production of those parts. To be precise, it’s about triple clamps and complete front ends, but also about fork covers, which make a real eye-catcher from the series look.

Triple Trees & Frontends

The big end comes at the end … in spite of this ancient wisdom, we have taken on the other side, the front ends. We have in our wide range of catalogs for almost every model the right fork and bridges, in the common designs and surfaces. Despite small series production, however, we are able to offer frontends in different variations. Thus, extra lengths in 2.7 or 11 inches are possible as well as a rake of 0 or 4 degrees. Whoever prefers a bit of color instead of a highly polished surface, can also be helped. Optionally, the frontend is available with a powder coating.

Our front ends are therefore manufactured to order and ready for installation. Of course, the assembly can also be done by us. If you want to use the original fork tubes and instead only want to replace the bridges, you should take a closer look at our “Tube 49” triple clamps. Specially designed for the Dyna (0 degree rake) and Rocker (3 degree rake) models, the triple trees feature a well-balanced design, precise workmanship and a fine surface finish. However, if you prefer darker optics, you can also get the chic particle in a black anodised version. And something else makes our V-Tech frontends and our Tube 49 fork bridges special … they have the blessing of German gray coats and can therefore be installed with a clear conscience.

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