Black Jack

customized Thunderbike XV1600

Thunderbike Black Jack

It is long, it is flat and it is black. She has an air-cooled V2, which shakes its masses mercilessly in the idle. She looks like she’s a relic from 1930s America. No, it’s not a Harley. But the blackjack seems more ur-American than most real amis – and not just at first sight.

The blackjack, blows up all the usual dimensions. 97 centimeters handlebar width, a wheelbase of 1685 millimeters and a rear tire, which would also be a van well to face, in addition to a seat height as in bumper cars.

Text & Fotos: Syburger (März 2001)

Flashback, Motorcycles 2001 in Dortmund:

In hall 8, the customizers are having fun with their mutations. In the midst of these designer fantasies, the blackjack stands out because of its simple black inconspicuousness. A quick question about the price, which in this environment is a real special offer and we arrange a test date.

Now, in bright sunlight, the modified Wild Star makes no more discreet impression. It is hard to tell from a specific detail why the machine looks so convincing. Is it the ultra-wide, old-style handlebar, the 240mm roller, the low seating position, the airbrush, the 2-1 system, the wide front with the lonely lamp? No, it is rather the coherent overall concept, which is responsible for the difference between kitsch and class. But even a custom bike, does not have to look good in the first place, but it should drive above all.

We are a little skeptical of the bombastic appearance, how the Showmobil proved in everyday life. A push of the button and the 1600 twin babbles away. The dribble from the power filter, supported by the typical Vau sound, which escapes from the Megabig-Tröte, sounds in the rhythm of the gas shocks. The corridors are full of rest, powerfully pushing the twin under a subtle shaking, accompanied by audible and perceptible utterances of the (legal) race-trotter. After a few meters you can switch the 1600s, but you do not have to. Whether deepest speed cellar or medium touring range, the pilot always has the feeling of sufficient power reserves, commands of the gas hand are implemented spontaneously. The fact that such a bolide does not feel very comfortable at high speeds should not really bother anyone, but in an emergency it also offers a bit of turning momentum for overtaking maneuvers, which is pleasant to see, especially when the exhaust gasps when closing the throttle. Friends of the slowness of being soon get used to an unusual, not up to date, fluid way of driving: accelerate, then roll out to accelerate again: because the poltergeist shakes so well under load. No question, this engine lives. Thanks to the toothed belt maintenance is limited to extensive cleaning and checking of the oil level.

Is it only the question of the price? In the high-end version, which is moving from us, the black-jack conversion costs just under 7,000, the complete machine about 16,000 euros. Not only in view of the price, the Thunderbiker with the black jack have a hot tide in the game, which should be good in the Custom-Oberliga for many a trick.

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The times have changed!

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