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customized Thunderbike Harley-Davidson Fourty-Eight

When one’s husband keeps trying to get his wife to ride a Harley, but never succeeds. But the Thunderbike team did it!

Steffi has been Team Thunderbike’s Accounting & Human Resources Manager for many years. she is always present at  the Thunderbike events and rides but only as a pillion rider, as it is often usual for biker women. But that should end at the latest after the Thunderbike ride to Bike Week Willingen 2019.

On Sunday after the event it was clear to me that I had to get my motorcycle driving license, provided that there was a Harley sportster model on which Steffi could cope with her shorter legs.


On Monday the Thunderbike Showroom was scrutinized, and as expected an interesting Forty-Eight was found after the first test ride.

After only one night of brooding the deal was done.

Another day later the driving school registration took place and the whole thing with the own Harley as the training bike.

3 months later in October 2019 Steffi held her motorcycle license in her hands but winter was just around the corner and so she had to do a makeover on her 48. The bike should be dark, a little bit nasty and not too girly. The best thing is to get parts and applications that not everybody has. Chrome parts had to disappear, designs were created by themselves and immortalized by the in-house Thunderbike Laser on air filter and clutch cover. A few plugs (ear studs) were produced to match. Allso the tank design drawn by Steffi herself was incorporated by Kruse Design which shows the time 11.45 and the date Friday the 13th. It is Steffi’s wedding time and day on which 17 years before her son was born

Behind the Scenes

On the shooting day the weather could not be better. We used the still low sun in the morning to take pictures of the Fourty-Eight with Steffi in the warm light.

Naturally some driving shots were not to be missed and Steffi didn’t let us ask for long. As if merged with each other, Steffi and her 48 scorched the asphalt. Just there you can see how safe and perfect the synergy between bike and biker harmonises.

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