Late Summer Special


Bikes & Boards 2018


A lot on the way but not all seen yet!

Sunday, the 16.09.2018, we moved with a troop of freshly baked bikers and the chiefs of Thunderbike towards the sea – more specifically, we went to the Bikes & Boards Festival in Zandvoort. Biking by the sea. Sounds cool, looks cool, but certainly not for everyone! With their own bikes, the boys and girls drove a drag race on the beach. Everything really has to be right, otherwise you literally sink in the sand. After a few races and nekkernijen burger pulled ourselves in the great atmosphere purely pure, we are back home and have still sipped on our beautiful Roadhouse terrace a beer.

Note! Bikes & Boards is a nice little event – something you should definitely see! Cool people, cool bikes and the sea. What more do you want?

You can get informations about this event on Facebook or directly on the Website of B&B.

Impressions by Glatzzo Photography