Late Summer Special 2018

EICMA 2018

Harley Summertime Sylt (GER)

The Island Bikermeeting


The meeting is not the biggest in the country, but a very nice one that invites you to cruise on the island of Sylt, there are many beautiful corners on the island to enjoy the evening sun, or to end the evening in a bar.

The Summertime Party is organized by the Sylt Chapter with a lot of effort, but it’s worth it, now the event takes place on the island for the 20th time.
Many bikers come for years to the party in Sylt, especially in sunshine it is an experience on the island, along the dunes of a cafe, the next cafe to drive and maybe even the secret places of the islanders to discover.

For the party in the Kursaal Westerland, a limited number of tickets is available, registration is only possible through the organizer.


Riding to Sylt from middle europe is always a great trip. Hamburg is worth a stop, if you want to arrive early in the morning on the island, because all bikers arriving from the south will cross the city.

You can reach the island by Ferry from Denmark or by Train. DB Autozug has has extra wagons for the bikers & bikes, where the machines are lashed tight. The station is signposted from Niebüll and can´t be missed. Take care not to buy a ticket for the other (blue) trains, where this might not be the case. If you want to have the option to leave by ferry, you should buy 1-way (costs a bit more)

Many bikers arrive early in the week. The wind blows heavy around the nose – so even in summer a rainsuit, facemask and biker-glasses are recommended.

Island Guide Sylt

The official H-D Fashion Store in Westerland offers Harley-Davidson T-Shirts with Sylt-Backprint, which are a, similar to our Thunderbike Shirts, popular collectors-item. If you are looking for rooms, better go for an apartment instead of Hotels. Westerland is the best place to stay, because it´s the only town on the island with some nightlife.

Good bars (many small ones) are located around the Friedrichstraße : Alt Berlin, De Kök, Jever Stube or Tränke are most popular and many evenings in Westerland are ending in the Club. If you´re looking for some Fish-Snacks, these small Foodchain Gosch offers fresh stuff. For dinner, you´ll find great restaurants of all country-tastes in the area. Dixies (Croatian), Block House (Steak), the Osteria (Fishrestaurant 2km south at the Camping ground) are always worth a visit. In the very north the Gosch Restaurant List is also worth a stop, if plan a tour all over the island. You´ll start there if you arrive by ferry.

There are many cool places on Sylt – don´t miss to visit Morsum Cliff and expect quick weather-changes all the time. If you prefer to spend 100-200 € per Menu in the restaurants or your wife needs a new handbag for 5000 €, don´t forget to visit Kampen north of Westerland, if not just turn your head around a bit when you ride north to List. On your way south down to Hörnum you´ll also see the famous Sansibar on the right – it´s not as overpriced as some of the “Hot-Spots” in Kampen, but don´t expect the best price/performance ratio on Sylt.

Map: OpenStreetMap –  ODbL


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