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One Of These Days!

One of those days that makes life more liveable. A trip on two wheels and somehow never at the finish. But that's it!

The road, the community and the impressions are exactly what counts. When you think about it, it’s just that moment when you can feel the smile on your lips, blow the wind in your face and hear your bike rattle. When it rains the water pops up like small plastic balls, because you’re on the road as always without a front fender. Crucial are not the big events or parties, these are just another reason to get involved in such an adventure. And this time the adventure was called “one of these days” and the occasion Wheels & Waves.

The “Wheels and Waves” in Biarritz, France is the ultimate festival of the custom bike scene. In 2016, we are also at the start to pick up a lot of flash at exhibitions, releases and acceleration races.

It is Saturday the 04th of June 2016! There it is, this moment of anticipation … The fridge of our mobile home is stocked. the tarpaulins and sleeping bags are already in the rear garage, the iPhone is connected and plays the meticulously put together playlist for our road trip. Meanwhile, we still admire our grilled meat, which sizzles soon on the Atlantic beach of France on charcoal embers. There are first feelings of vacation. Actually, the planning in the head has been completed for two weeks. It was the day we were chosen to Customking Germany, already there we decided to ride the good 1600 km each way on our bikes. So the next stop is Biarritz, it was immediately clear to us that we are riding on our bikes. The next thought: we will definitely find one or the other who likes to accompany us. First, we were able to inspire Stephen. He drives the mobile home. Kim, Andreas, Pimok, Ralph and Ben the Harleys.

We will drive the soil of 5 countries: Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and also Spain. The bucks are toured for a ride on the Atlantic Coast and off you go. Seven days that make life more liveable …


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