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Motorcycle driving licence

Motorcycle Driving Licence

Passport to Freedom – Others dream of it, you’re doing it!

Now you’re spoilt for choice, because: Harley-Davidson offers from now until 30.09.2019 exclusively the possibility to get 1.250€ as a discount when buying a new Motorcycle. This offer is valid for everyone who acquired their driving licence after 15 October 2018. The driving licence classes A and A2 are valid for this promotion.

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Basic Knowledge

Since 19 January 2013, the current rules for motorcycle driving licences have been in force. After long discussions it was clear for us that we have to provide some clarity in this matter! So, can I already drive a Harley at the age of 20, or how is that now?

for the basic understanding – what may I drive with which driving licence?

class A1: light motorcycles limited to 125 cm³ to 11 kW/ 15 HP with a max. power to weight ratio up to 0.1 kW/kg; from 16 years

class A2: motorcycle driving licence; from 18 years, limited to motorcycles up to 35 kW/ 48 HP with a max. power to weight ratio up to 0.2 kW/kg

class A: unlimited class A for persons from 24 years


Bikers with an A1 driving licence unfortunately have to upgrade to one of the larger licences in order to drive a Harley! After the two-year trial period, an exam must be taken to obtain the A2 driver’s license. A jump from the A1 to the A driving licence is possible when you have reached the age of 24 and have completed the complete driving school programme again. However, this can be avoided. If you have already held the A1 driving licence for two years, you can take a practical examination to move up from A1 to A2. After another two years you can repeat this step and upgrade your A2 driving license to A. However, this alternative is only available if you are prepared to stay below 48 horsepower for another two years.

With the A2 driving licence it is theoretically possible to drive your dream Harley! We have the possibility to reduce almost every Harley-Davidson model to less than 48 hp. Please feel free to contact our sales team! After two years of trial and 40 minutes of practical testing, the throttle can be removed – so the world of motorcycles is open for you without restrictions! From the age of 24, direct entry into the open class A, without prior possession of any driving licenses, is possible. For this you have to go through the complete driving school program with theoretical and practical exams. Class A allows you to ride any Harley-Davidson!

Conclusion! It is already possible from the age of 18 to drive thrilled Harley-Davidson models with the A2 driving licence. The requirement for an “open” unrestricted class A driving licence under 24 years of age is at least two years of possession of a valid A2 driving licence. So if you get your A2 driving licence at the age of 18, you can upgrade to A at the age of 20 and drive every Harley-Davidson unthrottled.

How to find the right driving school

The best tip to find the right driving school is to contact friends, acquaintances or family and get advice on their experiences. In addition, its not bad to connecting to the World Wide Web and doing research yourself. Google Maps lists all driving schools in your area and helps you to search. Normally the homepage of the respective driving school offers data about the offer and the accessibility. The most important thing in our eyes, however, is that the driving school instructor himself is a motorcyclist.

Driving licence costs

Basically, you cannot determine a fixed price for the motorcycle driving license, because the prices vary greatly between individual factors. In order to give you an approximate idea of the costs, we have put together a comparison which ranges between 1,000€ and 2,000€.

Duration of the motorcycle driving licence

Provided that theoretical and practical tests work out right away and you already have a driving licence, the motorcycle driving licence lasts approximately two to three months. If you got a class B driving licence, you only need six instead of twelve double hours of theory. Some driving schools also offer several theory lessons per week. Even if this is the case, you need at least two months for the theoretical part. So if you want to have your driving licence in time for your birthday, you should start half a year before

7 Days Crashcourse

Our trainee Adrian completed his driving license within one week in an intensive driving school. “It’s exhausting to sit in the driving school from morning till night, but it’s definitely worth it,” Adrian says about his new acquisition. With approximately 1200€, he even paid less than many a person who completed their driving licence normally. Of course, there is always a for and against for such an education. We dont recommend to make your driver’s license within a week when the sun is shining, because the weather conditions are different.


Info zum Umtausch von Führerscheinen

Exchange of driving licences according to EU guidelines. The main reason for the exchange is for the protection, this protection also eliminates the driving licence tourism: when the driving licence is withdrawn, it is therefore more difficult to obtain licences abroad. In order to relieve the authorities in this respect, the exchange periods are staggered. For paper driving licences issued before 1999, the year of birth of the licence holder determines the exchange date. Those born in 1971 or later can exchange their driving licence until 19.01.2025. Note: The 19.01. is always the reference date in the respective year. The years 1965 to 1970 still have time until 2024, 1959-1964 to 2023 and 1953-1958 to 2022. All those born before 1953 are granted time until 2033.

For driving licences issued after 01.01.1999, the issuing year of the driving licence determines the date of exchange.

Issued Year Date
1999 – 2001 19.01.2026
2002 – 2004 19.01.2027
2005 – 2007 19.01.2028
2008 19.01.2029
2009 19.01.2030
2010 19.01.2031
2011 19.01.2032
2012 – 18.01.2013 19.01.2033


For the new driving licence, a new photo and a fee of approximately 20 euros will be due. If the driving licence is not exchanged, a warning fee of 10 Euro will be charged. The new EU driving licence is only valid for 15 years.



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