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Sportster S rear-mounted footrests

Sporty riding position for the Harley-Davidson RH1250S

The Harley-Davidson Sportster S is a two-wheeled powerhouse that deserves the best in upgrades. This time, we’ve taken on the footrest system.
To make the Sportster S experience even more sporty, we developed rear-mounted footrests that offer a number of benefits. These include improved balance, stability and control.
Modeled after supersport motorcycles, the new footpegs are mounted at the same height as the swingarm axis on higher mounting points than the originals. The result is greater ground clearance, which is particularly beneficial for sporty riding, as it allows you to lean more and touch down later or not at all when cornering.

The original Sportster S rear footrest transfers all of the rider’s weight to the rear wheel, compromising front end control. The rear-mounted footpegs solve this problem by shifting more weight to the rider’s arms, allowing for greater front end stability and better cornering through more front wheel resonance.

If you are a sporty rider, you should make sure that your foot has a good grip on the bike. Our SPS footrests have harder nubs for better grip compared to the original “comfort” footrests, which can still be used. The only downside is that the passenger bars can no longer be mounted. This may be a deal breaker for some riders, but for those who prefer to ride alone, this should not be a big problem.


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The entire unit is machined from one piece, anodized and finished on a 5-axis two-tone lathe. We have paid attention to sustainability and cost control, so that the original main brake cylinder and fluid reservoir can be retained. With these highlights, the system is a real eye-catcher.
If you are also looking for an upgrade for your Sportster S, this could be the perfect solution for you.

The rear-mounted footrests improve cornering by putting more weight on the rider’s arms and increasing frontlash for better feedback from the front wheel.

Inspired by supersport bikes, the new footpegs are higher than the originals. This allows for more ground clearance, which is beneficial when riding sporty.




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