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The new season is just around the corner – it’s high time to take a look at the most important article in personal protective equipment: the motorcycle helmet. Cheap thermoplastic helmets (usually under 100€) should be replaced every 3 to 5 years, higher quality thermoset helmets stay in shape a little longer.  For both, however, after an accident or fall, a new helmet should be bought immediately. Even if the helmet falls from a height of less than a metre, the material structure can be affected, which considerably reduces the helmet’s protective effect.

To coincide with the start of the new season, manufacturers such as Harley-Davidson and Biltwell are offering numerous new helmet models with very individual designs. In our Onlineshop you will find helmets from Harley-Davidson, Roeg,  Biltwell, Premier, Scorpion, DMD, Torc, Gensler Bandit, Bell, By City, Icon, Roof, and Shoei

Finding the right helmet is not that easy. Whenever possible we recommend trying on the desired helmet, as not only the circumference but also the shape of the head is important for wearing comfort. If you wear glasses, it is essential to try on the helmet with glasses, otherwise the temple will quickly become a painful thing. Especially for owners of jet helmets, but also when driving with an open visor, we recommend the use of impact resistant Bikerglasses

Important! When buying in the online shop you have 14 days to try on the helmet at home. Do not test it on the road, because the right of recall does not apply if the helmet is dirty.

find the suitable helmet

Finding the right helmet is not so easy. First of all the right choice of helmet size should be made. For this purpose, the circumference must be measured at the thickest part of the head, usually just above the ears. With our helmets you will find a size table as in the note and can then choose the right helmet.

Note (e.g. Harley-Davidson jet helmet Shovel B01)
XS = 53 cm / S = 54-55 cm / M = 56-57 cm / L= 58-59 cm / XL = 60-61 cm / XXL = 62-63 cm

Even if you have performed these steps correctly, it does not necessarily mean that the helmet fits perfectly. Head shapes are different and therefore there are slight variations depending on the manufacturer. The correct fit is essential and can be a lifesaver.

Helmet types


The jet helmet or open face helmet stands for freedom, wind and lifestyle but does not offer as much protection as integral or modular helmets. The light models are suitable for short distances and can score well in terms of wearing comfort and styling.


The full-face helmet offers the highest level of safety due to its construction, and it is no coincidence that MotoGP relies on this type of helmet. It offers the greatest possible protection and the best shock absorption values, with ventilation systems and low weight and aerodynamic designs ensuring comfort. Goggle wearers should definitely test the helmet thoroughly before buying.


The modular helmet is no longer as heavy and unaesthetic as one might think. Access to an injured person is much easier here than with a full-face helmet and by quick stops the helmet can simply stay on. However, the noise is not filtered as good, which can affect concentration and therefore safety, especially on long tours.

Mark of conformity

If you want to be on the safe side, get yourself an ECE-tested helmet. These offer high safety standards and save you annoying discussions with the police and insurance companies – especially in other European countries. On the other side of the big pond, a DOT test mark is required. So if your European full-face helmet only passed the stricter ECE test, this is not enough to rent you a bike, for example, but a Braincap with the American DOT sign is completely okay. Harley responds to this problem with a dual homologation for both regions.

 Helmet Special

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Helmet Special

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