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Petrolettes Festival 2022

Women Only Weekender at Schleizer Dreieck

Women’s Deal!


The fact that motorcycling is also a women’s deal could be seen at this year’s Petrolettes Festival at the legendary Schleizer Dreieck. The entire weekend was dedicated to “Womxn Only”. Organized by women for women. In 2019 still based near Berlin, the festival has now moved to the historic road circuit in Thuringia and could use there, among other things, the professional infrastructure for the Races.

Races? Yes of course! Woman against woman on the eighth mile was on the program. Live music? Yes for sure! No less than four bands featuring exclusively women heated up the girls in front of the stage. Funny games, test rides, workshops for wrenching, yoga and offroad, marketplace with helmets, clothes, boots, … and everywhere good-humored motorcycling women.


With Kim and Beate Bergerforth the Harley team around Lisa Happ, Lea, Miriam Holler and Amelie Mesecke (Amy) was strengthened.

The mother-daughter team already had fun on the journey from the Lower Rhine on their tour over small country roads. Beate chose the Sport Glide, a Softail from our current rental bikes, and Kim got a Low Rider ST from Harley-Davidson especially for this tour (sorry, currently not available!).

Why only two of our motorcycling colleagues were on the way to the Petrolettes? At the same time the Bike Week in Willingen took place, otherwise we would have been probably with more Thunderbikerinnen on site. Maybe it will work next year!?



Well, many more women would have made their way to the Petrolettes Festival if the weather had cooperated. Blue sky, clouds, rain in constant change made parts of the program really difficult. After all, this festival is an outdoor event with party tents and camping.

But those who made their way despite the mixed forecasts were rewarded with mega fun and the good feeling of having done something good for themselves.

Have a look at the Petrolettes, maybe you want to join in? We will keep an eye on the club so that we don’t miss the next dates!


About the festival

The idea of a motorcycle event just for women comes from the USA. At the Babes Ride Out in California, around 1000 female bikers come together every year. Under the motto “Encourage and inspire women”, the event is designed to offer female bikers of all ages, identities and backgrounds an entire weekend to share their passion around motorcycles, travel and adventure.

There is a great social program with dealer mile and various workshops, test rides, races and of course live music. Basically everything you get at other festivals – just basically without male participation.

The first Petrolettes Festival took place in Berlin-Spandau in 2016 and landed at Schleizer Dreieck for this year’s 5th edition. In 2022 Harley-Davidson could be won as one of the main sponsors.

Through the efforts of the wonderful Photographer Amelie Mesecke (Amy) by day and by night, in sun and rain, we can show here the largest gallery of pictures of the Petrolettes Festival 2022. Many thanks for this Amy! If you want to book her, you can find the contact and all info on her website AmyLee Photography


Friday Party Night

Saturday with Workshops, Races, Ride-out und Fireshow

Sunday = Experience Day!



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Editor, Content Manager

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