Platz 1 für die Heritage Classic 114

Serial 1

A legend name for Harley-Davidson's first E-Bike

Nostalgia in a very beautiful form


Harley experts know it: “Serial Number One”  is the name of the first known Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Now it is used for Harleys first e-bikes. The first model from this series was presented in Wisconsin at the end of October.

The normal production models – as already shown at the EICMA – are scheduled to enter the dealerships in spring 2021.

About one year after the announcement of plans to expand in the highly competitive e-bike market, the new brand specialized in e-bikes was presented. The “Serial 1 Cycle Company” was founded out of Harley-Davidson and is managed by former employees.

A clever move, especially since the worldwide e-bike market has been estimated at over 15 billion dollars for 2019 and is expected to grow by more than 6 percent annually. There will be some Harley enthusiasts who like the valuable appearance of this model.

The first Serial 1 models are expected to be launched in spring 2021.

“We like this tribute e-bicyle very much, it would fit our brand perfectly,” Andreas is convinced. “It does not look like all the others, the style is unique.”



Every ride an adventure!

The e-bikes were inspired by the entrepreneurial vision of Harley-Davidson’s founders, who wanted to make every ride an adventure.

By combining Harley-Davidson’s product development capabilities with the agility of a start-up brand, Serial 1 Cycles is designed to deliver world-class e-bikes. Manufactured using the most advanced cycling technology available, the e-bikes are designed to provide a simple and intuitive way to experience the fun, freedom and adventure of pedal-assisted electric bikes.

“When Harley-Davidson first designed a two-wheel drive in 1903, it permanently changed the way the world moved,” said Aaron Frank, brand director of the Serial 1 Cycle Company.


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Commenting on the background, the newly formed company said, “The e-bike project was born as a secret project deep within the Harley-Davidson Product Development Center and began with a small group of passionate motorcycle and bicycle enthusiasts working with a single focus to design and develop an e-bike worthy of the Harley-Davidson name. It was decided to restructure the e-bike business into a new unit that could focus solely on providing the best e-bike product and experience possible. The Serial 1 brand is now led by a team of former Harley-Davidson employees, including Jason Huntsman, president; Ben Lund, vice president and product development; Aaron Frank, brand director; and Hannah Altenburg, leading marketing specialist. There would be no lesser plan than to participate in the “global mobility revolution”.


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