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Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren… What sounds like the starting grid of an exclusive car race, are the participants of a car meeting in front of our roadhouse. Of course, the lovers of the beautiful and fast cars also feel at home in the Harley world and are welcome to join us!

Our sales consultant Thomas and one of our regular customers organized the meeting including a guided tour of the entire site and delicious food at the Roadhouse. Despite unsettled weather conditions, there were also some goodies on wheels to admire:

We welcomed a total of 16 cars in the cordoned-off area in front of the Roadhouse, including specimens of the Aston Martin, Aventor, Diablo, Urus, Centenario, Huracan, Galardo, Berlinetta, SF90 genus.

The sympathy is obvious, because not infrequently the friends of large premium brands have both in the usually large and well-equipped garage, namely two- and four-wheeled jewels, gladly refined with various parts. We are united by our love of the special, the high-quality and also the sound. Who doesn’t sit up and take notice when they hear a V12 Vantage or when an old Knucklehead rolls by?

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