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That’s how the editor of Radio K.W. sums it up. Sebastian Falke invited us to the radiostation and asked us about the Jokerfest conversion.

Take a look at the 6 minutes of relaxed chatting, which give you an idea of the fun that awaits you at the Jokerfest.

No ticket yet? Then hurry up! We still have a few here:

Andreas Bergerforth explains in the interview what’s going on, how to get a ticket and what to do with your old ticket that might still be hanging on your fridge from 2020 and 2021 (you can exchange it with us beforehand, because the old tickets are not automatically valid for ’22).

Also on our Jokerfest event page you can find all the info and read how it works with the tickets.

Also in the interview: Info about the rebuild, the new solar plant, the production in Hamminkeln and much more.

So: Open your ears and click on the video we made of the interview:

Radio K.W. is the local radio station for the whole Wesel district and offers you all the latest information from the region live.

You can listen to Radio K.W. via the normal way (analog terrestrial via FM), as a web radio or via app.

Thank you for your interest and the great reception at the station!


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