Andreas’ M. Personal

customized Personal Harley-Davidson Shovelhead

77er FLH

What happens if someone works at Thunderbike for more than 10 years? A blanket answer to this not quite serious question there is certainly not. In the special case of Andreas permanent damage, however, can not be dismissed out of hand. The former Street Fighter fan completed his retraining as a two-wheeler mechanic in 1999 and has not been able to get away from us ever since. At some point his enthusiasm for American irons grew and how could it be otherwise, his personal bike had to be something very special.

The 77 FLH was shipped directly from California to Good Old Germany and rebuilt from scratch in the local garage. Of course he could have strolled through the shopping cart of his employer and of course he would have found countless parts that would have made his Shovel a distinctive showstepper. However, his bike would not have reproduced his screwdriver skills, nor would it have borne his personal touch to such a high degree. We do not want to deprive you of the result …

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