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“El Jefe”, in English “the boss”, is our latest Chicano conversion. With this bike we pulled out all the stops again to create a really cool Chicano with class. Because our goal is to grow with every project and to set the level a little bit higher.

Since the TV series “Sons of Anarchy” at the latest, Central Europeans have been familiar with the pompous design of lowrider bikes.

Glittering paint, whitewall tires, fat handlebars and the eponymous air suspension make this bike worthy pf the name “lowrider”. By the way, lowriders originated in the Mexican immigrant quarters of Los Angeles in the 60s. A lowered motorcycle is not always a lowrider, but a lowrider is always a lowered motorcycle or car.

In contrast to many other lowrider conversions in the custom scene, a current brand new Milwaukee Eight Heritage has been chosen as the basis for this. This means that the handling characteristics in response and cornering, as well as engine characteristics, are at the highest technical level. The close-to-production geometry gives the “El Jefe” good rideability and can be steered through all corners with ease. With its enormous torque, the 114cui engine invites you to take it from the lowest rev basement and unfold its power constantly until the next gear change.

The El Jefe is lots more than just a pretty face – and shines from any angle – not least thanks to the spectacular paintwork of the legendary Ingo Kruse from Kamen. The fenders, air ride suspension, as well as the 5-piece spoke wheels machined from the best aluminium are all from our production.


The pulley brake moved to the left and the deep-drawn headlights are only some of the details that make a second look worthwhile. The triple tree with an additional rake of 6 degrees deserves a special look, so the bike is visually stretched even more and helps the lamp mask even closer to the large 23 inch front wheel. While the wide handlebars make the bike look even lower, the rider takes up a proudly raised position. Last but not least, the saddlery Ankert has covered a shapely and fitting saddle, which with the side-mounted conchos, perfectly picks up the style of the bike.


“The El Jefe is lots more than just a pretty face – and shines from any angle – not least thanks to the spectacular paintwork of the legendary Ingo Kruse from Kamen/Germany.”





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