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Black Panther

Fat Wolf

customized Thunderbike Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

Wolf in chrome

What a powerful bike! The Milwaukee-Eight 114 is the most powerful power unit, which is currently available from Harley-Davidson as standard – except for the exclusive CVO models. And in this Fat Boy of our customer it’s standing in the limelight. Almost everything that’s suitable for it is wrapped in sparkling chrome or made of polished aluminum. And look on the tank – the wolf rides along!

This Fat Boy is probably one of the most eye-catching under the sun. Or should we say under the moon? There is an airbrush on the tank, as seen mainly in the 80s and 90s. And even today many people might look for it. On one side a white wolf looks us straight in the eyes, on the other side he howls at the moon. Maybe our client strays around at night with his pack?

But he can’t hide with his bike: From front to back the Fat Boy flashes with all its chrome and polished aluminium. And there’s no sneaking up on them, thanks to the new exhaust system from Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde.


And this is what this Fat Boy looks like in full gear! He is often on the road with his wife and treats her to a padded backrest and small running boards from the Willi G. Skull Collection, just like he uses them as driver. On our sundowner seat they can feel safe and comfortable. Of course, the luggage rack system is also chrome-plated and it can be mounted and dismounted in seconds with a single movement.

From this perspective you can also see the exhaust system in its full glory. In addition to the rich sound, it also comes with the desired high-gloss chrome.

If this Fat Boy drives towards you, you will face an enormous front. A mighty fork with chrome covers, a wide Hollywood handlebar with far standing mirrors and shiny fittings, footpegs and levers roll towards you. Except for the tire and the front part of the fender, the whole appearance is shiny chrome. Even the lamp mask of the Fat Boy leaves no doubt about who is on the road.

And just look at this fat roller at the rear! It’s covered by a rear fender of the Harley-Davidson Breakout and rolls on our chrome disc wheel, in which you can now see yourself reflected.

There’s no other way to say it: Our customer pulled the concept for his Fat Boy completely.

  • Thunderbike Handlebar Hollywood
  • Harley-Davidson Clutch Bracket and Master Cylinder Reservior Kit chrome
  • Harley-Davidson Lower Fork Sliders chrome
  • Harley-Davidson Hand Control Lever Kit chrome
  • Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde Exhaust System
  • Arlen Ness Beveled Fusion Grips, chrome
  • Harley-Davidson Rider Footboard Inserts Willie G Skull , traditional Shape
  • Harley-Davidson Willie G Skull Footboard Inserts Passenger - Traditional Shape
  • Harley-Davidson Willie g Skull Shifter Peg
  • Harley-Davidson Willie G Skull Footpegs
  • Harley-Davidson Passenger Footboard Support chrome
  • Rizoma Club Series LED Turn Signal Set
  • Thunderbike Turn Signals Stripe LED with Housing
  • Thunderbike Turn Signal Bracket Strut rear
  • Metzeler ME888 Rear Tire 260/40VR18M/CTL 84V
  • Harley-Davidson Sprocket Cover chrome
  • Thunderbike Disc Wheel



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