Jay-Jay’s Adventure

customized Harley-Davidson Pan America Special

He is back!

“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.” - Nelson Mandela

He is back, Jay-Jay is back from his tour through Southern Europe.

What he has experienced and what new adventures he has planned for the coming season with his Pan America, he tells us in the video.


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Back to history


“I want to visit the places I went with my late wife.” We accompany our customer Jay-Jay on his journey into the past. Actually, we know him as a lover of very special custom bikes. Most recently, we were allowed to rebuild him a Fat Boy, which you know as Jay-Jay’s Classic. How come he’s now jumping on this new Harley model? The Pan America is definitely going in a very different style direction than his other Harleys….

He wants to ride through Southern Europe for a few weeks, in his luggage his memories and the best equipment to make such a trip comfortable. When we bought and rebuilt the Pan America and stopped for the first inspection, we took the opportunity to talk to him about his experiences. In a few weeks, after his trip we will see each other again in Hamminkeln for the second inspection. So it’s worth to have a look here again soon!


Jay-Jay’s Pan America conversion got an update: a brand new development from Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde. He wanted this flap exhaust from the beginning, after all he is used to it from his other Harleys.

We talk to Jay-Jay after his first 1000 kilometers with his new acquisition. In the meantime he was at Lake Constance and completed the planned courses for his trip at the Enduro Action Team. On this occasion Jay-Jay was able to test his new Adventure clothing from the Grit collection.

Well equipped he can start now. Off to the south! Wonderful places and beautifully winding roads await him. “I start at Lake Constance, then want to go down to southern France and Italy and so on”


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“My wife and I have traveled all over Europe and have always been off the beaten path. And when I saw you test riding the Pan America, I knew this was the bike for it.” Jay-Jay might be right about that. We were also blown away by the Pan America’s performance from the first moment we saw it. It is rightly called Harley’s multitool.

Jay-Jay has plenty of riding experience, yet he prefers to go into his little adventure well prepared. “I’ve never ridden a motorcycle like this before, and certainly not off-road. So I looked for a trainer to give me one-on-one lessons.”

When it came to the motorcycle, that’s where we came in. We ordered him the new bike and fitted cases including a retaining system, additional headlights, an engine protection plate, a radiator guard and a few other details such as the Screamin’ Eagle air filter. And because the ear rides along, it was also allowed to be a new exhaust system from Screamin’ Eagle.


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We don’t know how you feel. But every time we see this man on the motorcycle, we rejoice with him. And this time we also get the desire for riding..

Have a good trip, Jay-Jay! See you in a few weeks for the next inspection!

Parts & Details

  • Harley-Davidson Screamin Eagle High-Flow Air Filter - Homeplate
  • Harley-Davidson Screamin Eagle Street Cannon Muffler
  • Harley-Davidson Muffler Guard
  • Harley-Davidson Daymaker LED Forward Auxiliary Lights
  • Harley-Davidson Auxiliary Light Installation Kit
  • Highsider LED Mini Turnsignals Blaze
  • Harley-Davidson Side Case Mounting System
  • Harley-Davidson Aluminum Side Cases clear anodized
  • Harley-Davidson Tank Knee Pad Kit
  • Harley-Davidson Radiator Shield
  • Harley-Davidson Skid Plate black
  • Thunderbike License Plate Bracket black matt
  • Thunderbike License Plate Lighting
  • Harley-Davidson Front Axle Nut Covers smooth black
  • Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde Exhaust System


Unlike most custom bikes, it is very important for the Pan America models to be as practical as possible. Since the release of the new model range, we have the matching range of original H-D Pan America accessories on offer.

In preparation for his trip, Jay-Jay has dressed with us. In addition to the suitability of the motorcycle for travel, the equipment of the rider (and pillion passenger) is particularly important. Here you can quickly lose the desire if it pinches and tweaks, if it leaks or drafts for a stiff neck provides.


The original adventure clothing from Harley-Davidson with jacket, pants, gloves and the sophisticated helmet systems are the perfect companions on the Pan America. By the way, in addition to the infotainment system on the motorcycle, Jay-jay now also gets the wireless headset with which he can navigate, make phone calls and listen to music.


It also cuts a fine figure on a Touring or Softail model. Not only on longer distances a good choice!

Try the good pieces but times with us in the store, we have everything in stock and advise you gladly: opening hours, travel and contact.

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