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customized Thunderbike Special Showbike

Game without limits!

This bike was completely designed on the drawing board. The important thing was not to follow any trend, but to give form and execution its own signature. There was no framework! TÜV? Fuck it all! Are there any customers for this? No matter! Too costly, too expensive? So what!

Only the goal was clear: “Absolutely awesome”

From the first sketch to the start of construction about 6 months passed. The construction time even to the ready to drive blank was 4 months. Another month was needed for paint, chrome and final assembly.

The controls such as throttle, clutch, brake, gearshift and air suspension were not visibly integrated into fork and frame. The result was a super clean overall impression, which is not distracted by screws, cables or lines from the design. Consciously creates the impression that it is an inedible study.

Design highlight and technology center is certainly the fork.

Frame and fork bridges merge together in a previously unknown way.

At the same time, the entire operating technique is hidden in the upper triple clamp.

The Spectacula is driven and braked by an equally invisible friction roller drive with intermediate gear.

The front brake pipe was integrated into the standpipe. The technology was developed by BIGS – NL.

Air suspension at the front and rear lets the bike lift for driving.

Considering that everything was made in-house (from the framework to the body work to the 3D milling work) one can imagine that it was a tremendous show of strength for us. It was difficult that we also built our new Harley-Davidson store at the same time.

Our goal was to drive the bike into the shop on the opening day.

The biggest challenge for this project was its own claim: absolute high – end.

The paint system is from Kruse Design. The paint is 28 layers thick and interspersed with different sized metal pigments (Multishape by House of Coulor). All stripes are hand-lined (pinstriping).

Winning the title means a lot to us all here: it’s the reward for the hard work of the past few weeks. Many customers come from far away to see this bike. To experience something so positive in this day and age is something very special and motivates the whole team to continue on our way.

  • Base Thunderbike Spectacula Frame 2005
  • Construction Time 5 Months
  • Engine TP Pro Serie
  • Capacity 124
  • Power 120 PS
  • Carburetor Mikuni 45mm HSR
  • Air Cleaner Thunderbike Freestyle
  • Ignition Thunderbike Single Fire
  • Exhaust Thunderbike
  • Gear Rev-Tech 5-Speed
  • Hydraulic Swivel Clutch
  • Primary NH Power Thunderbike Design
  • Secondary Intermediate Gear and Friction Roller
  • Painting by Ingo Kruse / Kruse Design
  • Chrome Alu Concept
  • Rake 50°
  • Frame Height minus 2“
  • Frame Lenght plus 6“
  • Swingarm Thunderbike
  • Suspension Thunderbike Air Ride
  • Fuel Tank Thunderbike Spectacula
  • Footoegs Thunderbike Spectacula
  • Fenders Thunderbike / Pinguin
  • Electric Thunderbike
  • Headlamp Thunderbike Spectacula
  • Taillight and Side Mount License Plate Paul Yaffe
  • Seat Autosattlerei Maerkl
  • Front End Thunderbike Spectacula 8° (with Air Ride and Brake)
  • Integrated Brake Line Bigs Holland
  • Rims Thunderbike Spectacula 3.5×21 front & 11.5×18 rear
  • Tires Metzeler 130/70-21 front & 300/35-18 rear
  • Front Brake Caliper made in one piece with the pipe
  • Rear Brake Caliper RST
  • Brake Disc Thunderbike Spectacula

You can find Thunderbike Parts and original Harley-Davidson Parts  in our online shop.

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