customized Thunderbike Specials

A breathtaking custom bike!

The Idea:

To build a fully functional and nevertheless breathtaking custombike. To accomplish this, we took the latest Harley-Davidson technology, and combined this with an almost standard, and regular frame/suspension geometry, a sprung front and rear end, an acceptable ground clearance, and a 260 center aligned tire.

…132mm trail…1780mm wheelbase…+125mm length…+50mm height (compared with HD Softail) 36° steering head. 


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Shooting CCE Bike Show

The Making Of


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We always wanted to build a trapeze fork, but never liked their forward design, so we constructed the triple tree as compact as possible. In the lowest position, the lever construction is clearly visible…similar like a telescopic front fork, the fork legs run closely to the steering head, thus forming a unity with the bike-combined with the narrow handlebars, and the flowing form of the frame, this gives the bike an elegant and sporty line. By means of the air suspension, the bike can be lowered or raised by 80 mm.

We hid the EFI pump in the inner side panel of the left tank, this is necessary because of the form of the tank, the bottom part is clearly visible from below.

We’re particularly proud of the wheel design, as we think it matches the bike perfectly. To allow the wheel design to continue down to the hub, we walked away from a regular disc flange, and moved the flange outwards.

Two 340mm floating discs add the stopping power for the 26“ front wheel, with minimal effort.

At the rear, a floating 440mm perimeter brake disc, combined with a 6 piston caliper does its job extremely well.

To emphasize the design of the separate components, all the anodized parts, like the wheels, chin fairing, fuel cap, triple trees, seat, turn signals etc. were remachined after the anodizing process.

This was a hugely exciting process, as the color was made to order.800 liters were mixed in a special vat, this is usable for only four days, so nothing was allowed to go wrong with the machining, if something would’ve gone wrong, we would’ve been in big trouble.

On this occasion we would to give a huge thank you to our anodizer!

All the other parts were nickel plated, this supplements the anodizing colors beautifully.

To round it all off, we produced new engine and gearbox covers in a ribbed design. Matching toppers on the footrests and handlebar grips are the finishing touch.

  • Construction Year 2013
  • Construction Time 6 Months
  • Finished Bikeweek Faak 2013
  • Engine Harley-Davidson Screamin‘ Eagle EFI 2013
  • Displacement 110 cui
  • Power 100 PS
  • Induction EFI
  • Air Cleaner Thunderbike Unbreakable
  • Ignition Harley-Davidson
  • Exhaust Thunderbike Unbrakable
  • Rocker Boxes Thunderbike Unbreakable
  • Transmission Harley-Davidson 2013 / 6-Gang
  • Clutch NH Power
  • Primary NH-Power designed by Thunderbike
  • Hydraulic Clutch Thunderbike Unbreakable
  • Painting by Ingo Kruse / Kruse Design
  • Frame Thunderbike
  • Rake 36°
  • Frame Height plus 2“
  • Frame Length plus 5“
  • Swingarm Thunderbike Singleside
  • Suspension Thunderbike Air Ride
  • Oil Tank Thunderbike
  • Speedometer Motogadget Motoscope Mini
  • Handlebar Thunderbike Unbreakable
  • Grips Thunderbike Unbreakable
  • Brake Cylinder Rebuffini / Thunderbike Design
  • Clutch Cylinder Rebuffini / Thunderbike Design
  • Forward Control Kit Thunderbike Unbreakable
  • Fuel Tank Thunderbike Unbreakable
  • Fenders Thunderbike Unbreakable
  • Electric Harley-Davidson / Thunderbike
  • Headlamp Thunderbike Unbreakable
  • Taillight Thunderbike Unbreakable
  • Seat Thunderbike Unbreakable
  • Upholstery Warmsbach Duisburg
  • Front EndThunderbike Radical Trapez mit Thunderbike Air Ride
  • Front Rim Thunderbike Monoblock 3.5×26
  • Front Tire 120/60-26
  • Brake Caliper Thunderbike 4-Piston Radial
  • Brake Disc Thunderbike 340mm floated
  • Rear Rim Thunderbike Monoblock 9.0×21
  • Rear Tire Metzeler 260/35-21
  • Brake Caliper Thunderbike 6-Piston Perimeter Kit
  • Brake Disc Thunderbike Perimeter

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