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we build promobikes for Dr Jekill & Mr Hyde


  • German technology & Dutch craftsmanship
  • All Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhausts have all type approvals and are TÜV tested and therefore 100% legal
  • At 100% power and performance in all modes the obligatory European emission standard is met
  • 3 approved performance modes

Harley-Davidson and Dr.Jekill & Mr.Hyde means power, performance and design. What unites all Harley riders, regardless of age, gender or background, is that they are all freedom-loving individuals. “The Exhaust” by Dr.Jekill & Mr.Hyde is the perfect complement to take this feeling of freedom to the extreme. The Jekill and Hyde Company offers motorcyclists the ultimate riding experience with an electronically adjustable exhaust system that allows you to switch between three different performance modes on the road. A J&H system completes every Harley in terms of performance, design and sound.

We are certified Dr.Jekill & Mr.Hyde dealer and offer all J&H exhaust systems with approval. In addition, all Thunderbike Power air filters are available with combined certification and are therefore permitted with J&H exhaust systems.

Mounting Examples

Road Digger

Geissens Iron Man

Iron Assassin

Fat Chicken

Road Force

Solid Grey

Copper Penny


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