Empire Collection

Brandnew Accessoires for your Harley

New accessories with impressive depth!


Willie G., Dominion, Defiance, … these are the names of Harley-Davidson’s popular in-house collections. With the now presented parts with the sonorous name “Empire” a new chapter is opened. The hand and foot controls as well as timer and derby covers are made of high-quality material with finely milled details. We have put together the Empire Parts in our onlineshop.

Main feature: open design with depth

Harley’s new accessories bear no less a name than Empire. And indeed, this collection looks exceptionally high quality and stands out with a modern design. Harley’s designers have managed to give a fresh face to the billet aluminum that has been popular for decades.

This collection has nothing in common with the Billet of the eighties. The lids, running boards, pegs and other parts are machine made and have a fine finish. The open design has a non-slip rubber coating and the handles are even available with heating function!

For different tastes, a black, a chrome and a very chic black-cut variant is offered.

Empire Rich Black

Purists will be pleased to know that these controls and lids are jet black yet eye-catching. They owe their special look to the depth created by machine manufacturing.

Made of sturdy cast and billet aluminum, the black anodized finishes of this Black Empire collection’s custom details perfectly match our other machine-made accessories.

Empire Black Machine Cut

For the tech-loving Harley rider, this collection should be an icing on the cake.

Made from durable cast aluminum and billet aluminum, this collection features particularly individual details: milled highlights reveal shiny billet aluminum beneath the rich black anodized finish. The pronounced grooves give each piece in this collection a remarkable depth.

This makes it the perfect complement to other black machine cut accessories.

Empire Brilliant Chrome

Would you like a little more shine? Then this collection is the right one for you.

The deep grooves in the high-gloss chrome give the parts an eye-catching dimensionality. Made of sturdy cast and billet aluminum, the Chrome Empire collection stands out with custom details that perfectly complement our other chrome accessories.

Empire at Specialmodel Arctic Blast

In the special model Arctic Blast (presented by H-D in August 2021) you can admire some attachment examples. By the way, only 500 examples of this stunning Street Glide Special were built, of which 400 alone were sold on the domestic market and only 100 outside the USA.

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