The Harley-Davidson Year 2022

Emperor in Saint Tropez

Dreamin' of an endless summer...


The view out of the window shows the unpleasant side of winter: It is gray and cold, on the streets a few last leaves and lots of salt. Helmet and boots are already dusty. Whether the leather jacket still fits?

What remains now are memories. Of the sun on your skin, the smell of gasoline and the feeling of leaning. And of that sound when you start off…

That’s exactly why we ride motorcycles.

One of our highlights last summer was the ride in the south of France.

Over the Swiss mountains, we went down to the Côte d’Azur and let ourselves drift on the bikes, exploring coastal roads, narrow mountain roads, small villages. And in the evening at the sea we let the day pass in review.

Leaving everything behind and letting the wind blow our heads clear….


Until we can be on the road again, we enjoy such images of passion and longing.


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This bike is known from many presentations. Kim’s Emporer named 1995 Sportster has graced many magazine covers and has gone through online media worldwide.

At the Battle of the Kings (2019), Harley’s chief designer Brad Richards gave this conversion the design award. Except we didn’t build a show bike here, we built a real daily rider! The Emperor is Kim’s first choice for our ride outs on the Lower Rhine and of course here on the Côte d’Azur.


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