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Harley Meeting Ruhrpott 2017

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“Sensational!” With this one word Klaus Fröhlich describes the 23rd Harley-Meeting Ruhrpott, which took place for the fourth time in Hattingen on the grounds of the LWL-Industriemuseum Henrichshütte, exactly to the point.

Mass of went on the “natural” museum grounds and past the stalls with accessories, new and used dream motorcycles of the cult brand Harley-Davidson, to the more than 4,000 machines, with their owners and drivers from large parts of the Germany, and on stage with live music and Dream Girls shows.

The weather played well – ideal motorcycle weather with plenty of sun, but also a very light cool breeze. Just as motorcyclists love the summer day they want to use for a small ride. In other words: dream weather after the rainy week.

Although this time more stands for the physical well-being were to be found on the event area, nevertheless long lines formed in front of the tents and stalls. Cool drinks especially, but also Currywurst and Co were very popular. The same applies to the numerous stands, which not only provided plenty of information, but the staff there led many discussions and informed about paint finishes, the latest Harley models, helmets, accessories of all kinds, tuning material, t-shirts, body jewelry for any taste in silver, tin and leather, for the hair, the head at all, for neck and arms.

But as always, the main role was not played by the “Dream Girls”, who posed in light clothing and on excellent Harleys for the countless amateur photographers or washed a Jeep – of course it were the cult motorcycles made in USA that delight the ears of every motorcycle enthusiast with their rich sound.

They had long-forked choppers, clip-ons or apehangers, well-heeled recreational riders and club members wearing waistcoats, in fancy liveries or bulky and comfortable like Papa’s armchair. But what almost always belonged to them were tattooed bodies – from the small upper arm jewelry tattoo to the art covering the entire visible body.

Mayor Dirk Glaser, just back with wife Andrea from the dream vacation, opened together with Klaus Fröhlich, who is also known as a true Hattinger and baptized with Ruhr water, together the 23rd Harley-Davidson Meeting Ruhrpott. He, the first citizen of the city, who in his youth was an avid motorcyclist himself, fascinated man and machine so much that he could be found in the spacious event area until well into the afternoon.

Because peacefully, it also went to around the blast furnace. The Harley meeting once again lived up to its reputation as a true family event. Police Commander Wolfgang Sahmel: “We are here with a total of 15 forces here. It is one of the most peaceful events in Hattingen. We did not have an incident on the site until late afternoon. “


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