Jokerfest 2017

Harley Meeting Ruhrpott 2017

Rumble & Thunder 2017

Rumblers meet Thunderbike

Rumble & Thunder 2K17

The fifth Rumble & Thunder ... again a great success!

In addition to insights into the Thunderbike showroom, the workshop and the production halls, you were able to immerse yourself in the world of custom art on the entire site. From the tattoo artist to the pinstriper, there were almost 20 artists from all over Europe who offered interesting insights into the custom scene.

The Rumblers Ruhrpott BBQ Crew and CCs from abroad delivered a show with US Cars, Hot Rods, Kustom Cars and American classics as well as Old School & Custom Bikes. On the roadhouse roof there was the evening for the first time with The Picturebooks a fitting after show concert for the event.


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Impressions by Dirk "the Pixeleye" Behlau


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