Prague Harley Days (CZ)

Little Netherlands Ride-out

Jokerfest 2021

Unfortunately, Open House will not take place this year either!


Postponed is not cancelled!

Unfortunately, we won’t be rocking the Jokerfest together this year, but next year on 25.06.2022 we’ll be rocking it!

Questions & Answers


You can also order your new Jokerfest ticket in our online shop. Since you’ll be rolling up to us anyway, just use the voucher at Jokerfest and treat yourself to the event T-shirt, a tasty burger and a few drinks.

When does ticket sales start?
Jokerfest 2022 tickets are going on sale right now!

Where can I get the tickets?
You can get the tickets as usual at our store or at the Roadhouse and in our onlineshop.

What do I do with my old ticket?
Your Jokerfest 2021 ticket has been converted into a voucher, which you can redeem in our store and in the Roadhouse.

Can I exchange my ticket for the new one?
Theoretically yes. You can also use your “ticket voucher” to buy a Thunderbike Jokerfest 2022 ticket. All you have to do is to order a new ticket and send us your old one for offsetting. Of course only while stocks last.

Do I have a right of first refusal with the 2022 ticket? Yes, all those who have a 2021 ticket have a 14-day right of first refusal from the start of the advance sale in our shop.

What about my VIP ticket?
The same principle applies! Ticket = voucher.


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