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The 8th Joker-Day!

Just unbelievable! Absolute visitor record at this year’s Jokerfest. At 5,500 we stopped counting. The extension to the area, on which the new building with Roadhouse has just started, was just about all bikes and bikers accommodate. An absolute eye-catcher were the winning bikes from the different classes of the bike show powered by Easyriders.

"Major-Healey" about the festival

Jokerfest in bright sunshine

When thinking of the Jokerfest 2008, of course, all those involved were thinking about the last years really catastrophic weather. (Remember, 3 power outages on stage) But this year was under a very different star. Brightest sunshine lay over the company premises of the company Thunderbike in Hamminkeln. Thousands of bike enthusiasts flooded the event and in the evening there was a glam rock party of the extra class. Once again it was the perfect organization of the Thunderbike crew, guaranteeing an exuberant celebration without incident. The selection of the “Bike Of Show”, the raffle of the “Joker 8” (‘a pure Harley-Davidson) and finally the performance of the well-known glam rock band Major Healey, followed by a climax the other. And the audience danced, rocked, headbang and sang along from start to finish. In the end, they did not want to let the completely exhausted band off the stage, and audience and band fraternized with the statement: “We have to repeat that!”

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