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Thunderbike goes to Kustom Kulture

Auch auf der 2014er Veranstaltung darf die Thunderbike Crew nicht fehlen! Eine dreitägige Veranstaltung, auf der sich die Künstler der ganzen Welt präsentieren.

Die Kustom Kulture Forever Show in Herten ist allerdings nicht nur aufgrund der Autos und Motorräder weltweit bekannt, sondern auch für die großen Anzahl hochkarätiger Kustom Kulture Künstlern aus aller Welt, sowie der Classic Tradition Tattoo Show.

Kustom Kulture is the generic term for art, vehicles, hairstyles and clothing style of members of the customizing scene, which rebuilds and refines cars and motorcycles. From the beginning of hot rodding in the USA in the 1950s, various fashion trends and styles have developed that still affect our daily lives today. Artists such as Von Dutch, racing car designers such as “Big Daddy” Ed Roth, hot rod and lowrider customizers like the Barris brothers, as well as numerous tattoo artists, automakers and television shows such as Happy Days have contributed to the development of today’s Kustom Kulture.


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Kustom Kulture is generally associated with the greasers of the 1950s, the drag racers of the 1960s, and the lowriders of the 1970s. Other subcultures that influenced the modern Kustom Kulture are the mods and rockers of the 1970s, as well as the metal and rockabilly music of the 1980s and the psychobilly music of the 1990s.

Each of these youth movements has its own types of change as well as clothing and music styles included. Coupled with cartoons and monster movies from the 1950s to the 1970s, this has made Kustom Kulture the complex subculture it is today.


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