El Diablo

Congratulations Lucas!

Exam passed as best in guild!

Bright head – fast hands!


You can already remember this name: Lucas Ferreira de Jesus. The name “Lucas” means “bright” and this man definitely has a bright head! We have every reason to be mighty proud of him, now more than ever, because:

Lucas has completed his journeyman’s examination as the best of the year in the whole Rhine/Ruhr area! Congratulations! It’s good to have you with us!

We were all quite surprised when Ingo Bucken from BZH in Duisburg showed up at our house. He wanted to see Lucas and his instructors. Just taken away from his job at the lifting platform, Lucas was presented with the certificate of honor from the Düsseldorf Chamber of Crafts.

What’s next for Lucas? “I’ll find out about funding opportunities for master school. I’m still in the middle of learning, so I should take advantage of that.”

Training at Thunderbike


In our company we train Wholesale- and Foreign Trade Merchants, Cuttingmachine Operators and Two-wheel Mechatronics such as Lucas. He is now our third apprentice who was awarded for his outstanding performance.


During training as a two-wheel mechatronics technician, you spend 3-4 days in our workshops and 1-2 days at the vocational school in Duisburg.

In addition, there are extra-company training courses and monthly rounds with the trainees of all years, where the teaching content of the Harley-Davidson University is also a topic.

The apprentices in the workshop are supervised and guided by Alexander Ott (aka Otti). The respective new apprentice gets his lift right next to his, so you can exchange ideas at any time.

Do you also want to join our team?


Take a look at our job postings.

If there’s nothing for you at the moment, just send us your speculative application – maybe we’re looking for exactly you! Want to get a taste of what it’s like? Do it like Gorden (last picture) and apply for an internship.



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