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H-D MotorClothes Collection 2019

Genuine Motorclothes, FXRG, H-D Moto, 1903, Garage

The greatness of this world can be found alongside every road. And with the right gear, you can take on every epic ride and legendary location with pride. There’s a big wired world waiting out there. Mount up and see it for yourself in the new Motorclothes Collections. The official gear of the open road.

From now on you will get the latest Ladies- and Gents Collection 2019 in our Online Shop!

In this gallery we have put together an overview in which you will get to know the brand new collections and products. Under each picture in the gallery an article number is listed, which you can enter in our shop search.

Genuine Motorclothes Collection

Inspired by the Open Road

Daring. Bold. Genuine Motorclothes® celebrates the rebel in all of us. Rooted in our classic heritage, this is about expressing your spirit in both functional riding gear and casual styles. Check out our gifts and accessories too, designed just for the Harley enthusiast.



FXRG Collection

Ride on your own terms

Take any road, in any weather, at any time of year. Layer up when it’s cold. Strip it back when it’s warm. Our FXRG collection is engineered to give you the versatility you need, from head to toe.

Ride no matter what the season, what the elements, whether you’re racking up the miles touring or navigating city streets. Our FXRG® riding jackets are constructed with the most advanced technologies and materials to keep you on the road, even in the harshest temperatures. Add layers to stay warm or to cool down…



H-D Moto Collection

Modern Style that gets noticed

Our signature DNA, expressed with a high-end sensibility. Sleek, subtle and with materials of the highest quality. H-D Moto takes you down an entirely new road.



1903 Collection

Because Heritage never goes out of style

We’ve updated some of our favourites from yesteryear, inspiring our 1903 collection. Express yourself with handcrafted details and signature graphics that celebrate the iconic Harley character. From leather jackets to casualwear, this is pure vintage with all the comfort of today.



Garage Collection

Simple. Raw. Understated. - Back to basics

Unrefined, no nonsense, down to earth. Our Garage Collection is stripped down and understated with rugged and raw edges. These leathers and casual clothes make no apologies. They just look good and feel good. And that’s all that matters.



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