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105th Anniversary

Going one better! 105th birthday and opening of the Harley-Davidson Museum Milwaukee. Bruce Springsteen live on stage.

This time “The Boss” couldn’t back out, because he was announced big time on all posters. The 105th birthday was no longer celebrated internationally as big as five years before, but the locations of the “100th Anniversary Tour” had meanwhile established themselves as fixed dates and locations for Harley-Davidson events anyway. In Milwaukee, the opening of the new museum gave the birthday a special meaning. 8,000 motorcycles on parade, over 125,000 visitors, several giant parties in the parking lot of the Juneau Avenue factory, at Miller Stadium and the Summerfest Grounds offerd massive entertainement.

The program is extensive and definitely worth seeing: In front of the Miller Arena, stunt riders and drill teams go wild – the new Harley-Museum can only be visited by reservation, such is the crowd visiting museum and gift store. Jeff Decker’s spectacular “Hillclimber” bronze is erected in front of the museum – a gift from Willie G. Davidson himself to the museum and the brand that bears the family’s name. What no one knows at this time: the next crisis is already in full swing, reaching a first low point with the nationalization of several banks and the insolvency of Lehman Brothers on September 16.

Harley-Davidson Anniversarys are now celebrated every 5 years – and they seemed to get bigger and bigger. On the European continent, the Milwaukee celebrations are now supported with one “big” event (2013 in Rome, 2018 in Prague and now 2023 in Budapest). They do have lost some momentum with the 110th: Not all Harley riders share the enthusiasm anymore to pay overpriced hotel rates for what has become a rather manageable and routine party. But for a good time in and around Milwaukee, these dates are still a good choice! And the Harley-Davidson Museum is open all year – always worth a visit!


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