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Special Paint models for America's 200 years Independence celebrations 1976

Also for 200 years of America the “Number 1” was taken out of the cellar again. Colors and typography are typical 70s.

What catapulted Harley-Davidson back in a positive spotlight was another, much bigger birthday celebrated in 1976: 200 years of the “Declaration of Independence” of the USA. The first “specially painted” motorcycles Harley-Davidson – not issued for its own birthday dates, but for the 200-year celebration of the U.S. in July 1976.

“Anniversary Editions” became collector’s items and a good business, which is one of the reasons they appear quite regularly since then. Harley-Davidson even had its own “200” event at the Los Angeles Coliseum for this festive occasion. Just 20 days after the official 4th of July they offered a “Salute to American Motorcycles” from 10.00 o’clock in the morning until midnight – unfortunately there is no further information or pictures about this event anywhere…

The Harley celebration for the 200th birthday – who was there?


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