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What many authors do not like to admit: My features published on the Thunderbike website do represent the state of knowledge at the date of publication. My state of knowledge. Which I know can and will never be complete. Although carefully researched using as many (and reliable!) original period sources as possible, errors can and do occur. Someone may have been there himself, knows where to find material on the subject or can correct me. This is gratefully accepted and corrected where possible – for this also the mail contact.

Dipl.-Ing Horst Rösler

Aka the “Motographer” has for several years probably been the most published photo journalist in matters of custombikes on Harley-Davidson and V-Twin basis. Born in 1960, apprenticeship as an electrician/energy systems electronics technician, technical high school diploma, studies in electrical power engineering, technical editor at Honeywell, studies in industrial engineering, specializing in production management and logistics.

A scale plastic modeler since a young age, he wrote for the special interest magazine “Modell Fan” from 1979-2009 as a freelancer, acting sub-editor for motorcycles and japanese aircraft of WW-II. 1980-85 Motorcycle magazine “Visier”, from 1992/93 freelance for various motorcycle/specialist magazines such as “Thunder Cycles”, “Airbrush Total” and others. 1995 editor-in-chief of “Freeway” Germany, 1995-2004 (freelance) editor-in-chief of “High Performance” and “Custom World”, at the same time working for international custombike magazines worldwide.

Since 2004 freelance photojournalist for international custombike, Harley-Davidson and motorcycle magazines worldwide. Bikeshow organizer for numerous events and as photographer of AMD World Championships 2004-2010, Custom-Chrome Europe International Bikeshow Series, Atlas Race Days, BUB Speed Trials, Magic Bike Rüdesheim, Belgian Bike Weekend, Euro Bike Fest, Bike & Music Weekend, Rheinhessen Rumble and numerous other events, the “Motographer” is “on the road” at Harley meetings worldwide and specializes in often “neglected” or forgotten themes and has always highlighted and introduced little noticed “newcomers” into the custom scene.

Photographing the best possible footage at the best possible location at available weather conditions is as much a part of his passion as the intensive search for original sources, contemporary witnesses and embedding the motorcycles in their historical backgrounds where ever possible.


Book Publications


Harley-Davidson – Biker Träume aus Milwaukee SIGNED at the THUNDERBIKE SHOP
Horst Rösler: Harley-Davidson – Biker-Träume aus Milwaukee. (UPDATED VERSION 05/2022)
256 pages, 400 Images, 222 x 275 mm, Hardcover,
ISBN 978-3-86852-945-6


Harley-Davidson – Biker Träume aus Milwaukee (1. Auflage bis MY 2014)
Heel Verlag, Horst Rösler, Hardcover, ca. 256 pages, approx. 400 Images
ISBN 978-3-86852-945-6


Harley-Davidson Forever – Mythos auf zwei Rädern SIGNED at the THUNDERBIKE SHOP
320 pages, 900 Images, 245 x 290 mm, Hardcover with outer cover
ISBN 978-3-86852-489-5


Bonneville – World’s fastest Motorcycle – SOLD OUT
Motorbooks/Wolfgang Publications

And more publications, numerous assignments, image and text support for other book projects.


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