FXRG Collection

Unbreakable Steel Art

made by Simon Pejar - Russia

Artistic Motorcraft

Simon Pejar is 29 years old and comes from Russia. As a full-time blacksmith he has made a very special hobby his own: He welds steel replicas of custom bikes. If you look at his Instagram page, you could say that he builds his own custom bikes. That’s also true – but not in our usual scale. He calls his art “Artistic Motorcraft” and as #132 he made our Custombike Unbreakable out of this model series. Simon shows once more that there are no limits to the craftsmanship – the details in this format are a real eye-catcher.

Already at the age of 16 he was enthusiastic about the Custombike Building. In 2017 our Championship Winner Unbreakable fell into his hands. The model is 370mm long and 140mm high. Wheels and handlebars are freely movable. In order to be able to bed such a work of art properly, Simon builds a brass podium especially for his works of art, which is equipped with magnets and thus brings the bike to a standstill. You can see more of his works on his Instagram page.


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