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Cutting Mechanics

by Thunderbike

CNC means Computerized Numerical Control and describes the electronic procedure for controlling so-called machine tools. In order to be able to realise the customer’s own ideas and wishes for a bike here on site, we employ our own production, which specialises solely in CNC machining. But what exactly does machining mechanics do? We looked over the shoulder of our apprentice Julian and asked him how he came to this profession.


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Julian has been in our team since then and started an apprenticeship as a two-wheel mechatronics technician. After his apprenticeship he decided to learn a little more about the material of parts production and machining and started his second apprenticeship as a machining mechanic.

Aufgaben eines Zerspanungsmechanikers:

  • Production of components
  • Reading drawings
  • Production of tools
  • Operation of CNC machines
  • Programming of CNC machines

Many of our parts are produced by machining processes. Most of these parts are manufactured by CNC (computer controlled) machines. During an apprenticeship as a machinist you learn how to manufacture these components precisely and correctly. This includes reading drawings, making tools and operating and programming our CNC-controlled turning and milling machines.

Have we caught your interest?

We are looking for support for our production team! If you have a good spatial imagination, are interested in technical processes and working with a computer, are good at math and of course also a motorbike enthusiast, then you have come to the right place! If you have any further questions about this job and your application, please send an email to info@thunderbike.de .




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