Cutting Mechanics

Chin Fairing 2018 Models

Made by Thunderbike

Our Racing Front Parts

Add the racing design to your bike! Our Chin Fairings provide a sporty line with a unique racing character. The complete front looks slimmer and more dynamic. Also for the 2018 Softail models we have these eye-catchers in our assortment: Our compact Crossfire chin fairing, which can be mounted on almost every model without problems and our GP long chin fairing, which fits optically perfectly to our GP rear fender. What the characteristics of the two front spoilers are and how they are installed, you can find out in this article!


  • Fiberglass
  • includes Mounting Kit – easy assembly in a few minutes
  • undrilled and unpainted
  • adapts perfectly to the front wheel thanks to its cut shape
  • the spoiler is mounted almost invisibly due to the bracket included in the scope of delivery
  • TÜV approval

  • perfect addition to our GP rear fender
  • supports the racing character by a grid insert
  • the front oil cooler receives additional protection against environmental and road influences
  • additional holder included in scope of delivery
  • TÜV approval

Our Chin Fairing in the Crossfire version fits all Softail models from 2018 onwards. Whether you are driving a Street Bob with 160cc or a Breakout with 240cc – the compact Chin Fairing fits easily and can be installed within minutes. The included bracket makes the front spoiler virtually invisible from below. The front spoiler is made of GRP and fits perfectly to your front wheel thanks to its sleek shape. Of course the Chin Fairing, like almost all our parts, is TÜV-tested and can be overpainted by your trusted painter in the colour of your choice.

With the Chin Fairing GP Long you bring the GP design to your bike. This GFK Chin Fairing fits perfectly in combination with our GP rear fender and supports the racing design with a matching grid insert. It also protects the front oil cooler. Due to the long design of the Chin Fairing, the mounting kit contains an additional holder that holds the Chin Fairing perfectly in position even at higher speeds.


Bugspoiler for other models can be found in our Bugspoiler category in the Onlineshop.

The Assembly

Chin Fairing GP Long


  • 1x Fiberglass Chin Fairing
  • 2x Brackets
  • 2x Lens Head Screws M6x20mm
  • 2x Lens Head Screws M4x12mm
  • TÜV Certification
  • Label

Loose the two screws at voltage regulator (A).

Mount the bracket (B) together with the voltage regulator by original screws.

Loose Screw (C) and remove the cooler cover.

Mount bracket (D) by original screws underneath the horn. Hold on the Chin Fairing to the brackets. Mark the position of the four mounting holes. Drill 3,3mm holes at the marked positions for upper bracket (D) and threat M4 threats into them. Drill 6,5mm holes at the marked positions for lower bracket (B).

If you now think that the front spoilers can only “look good” and only upgrade the bike in the optical direction, you are absolutely right. However, we think that each bike can be individually shaped with the help of these front spoilers and can develop in a more sporty direction. We have compiled some examples of current custom bikes with built-in front spoilers in a gallery.


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